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  • Will draw on-the-spot caricatures your guests
  • 12-20 individuals drawn per hour
  • Guests can take their caricatures home as souvenirs
  • 2-3 hour attendance, dependent on guests
  • Uses only top-quality drawing materials
  • Characterful stationery such as invitations available

Using top-quality materials such as recycled paper and charcoal or brush ink pens, and most often to be found stalking his victims in public places, Chrissy Marshall is a world-renowned caricature artist. Taking the time to get to know and befriend each 'victim' he profiles, he is readily able to produce side-splitting yet uncannily faithful cartoons of your individual wedding guests.

Having a personal caricature created is something that most people normally don't get the chance, or are too shy, to have done. The closed environment of a wedding celebration, where there is usually a little time to kill, or at least a brief lull in diverting activities in between the main events of the day, is absolutely perfect for a cartoonist. Quite simply, engaging Chrissy's services is a brilliant idea! If you want to see some recent examples of his caricatures, just take a look at the gallery.

You can get in touch with Chrissy by revealing and dialling his telephone number above, or by clicking the 'Make An Enquiry' button. Don't worry, he won't bite


Chrissy (Christian) Marshall is the supremely talented and distinctly hilarious person behind the scenes at Sensible Pencil. Chrissy set up this company back in 1999, and has been delighting wedding guests and couples alike for over 12 years. His rather cheeky lifelong passion for amusing artistry - incubated by hour after hour in front of a blurry image of Rolf Harris presenting 'Cartoon Time' as a child - often got him into a spot of bother. In fact, in his own words, "By the time I'd been sent to the Headmaster 300 times at school, I decided I must be on to something and so might as well try and make some money out of it!"

Chrissy has lightened up venues such as The Ritz, Claridges and even The London Eye, and has worked for a whole host of prestigious clients, for example Mercedes Benz, Audi, London 2012 and Rolls-Royce.

From modest and humble beginnings, through an international sketching debut born out of necessity right on the brink of destitution in Sydney, to Sensible Pencil currently brightening up 100 weddings a year - blessed with a wonderful family and a fantastic life in Bath, Chrissy presents a vibrant, interesting personality through and through.

The Drawings

It's nothing short of amazing just how much personal information Chrissy can elicit from individuals he's never met before in just five minutes.

This relentless pace is maintained by first drawing a preliminary sketch based on the individual's immediate appearance, then adjusting his angle and the inherent context of the image slightly as he develops his idea further and gets deeper into the drawing process - perhaps adding something personally related to the subject, for instance a hobby or a distinctive mannerism.

Of course, your guests are able to take their portraits home at no extra cost to them, but if you would prefer, you could keep them for the illustration of your guestbook, or even for your photo-album! Chrissy is also more than happy to inscribe the date and your names on each piece of drawing-paper before the big day, so that your guests can be fondly reminded of the occasion where their unique caricature was created.


Chrissy usually attends each wedding for two to three hours, and during that period is able to produce between 12 and 20 portraits per hour. He adapts his approach in a variety of ways, either working unobtrusively scribbling away at the fringe, or getting involved with his 'victims' up close and personal. He tends to concentrate the focus of his activities during the drinks reception, or in between the courses of a meal, and even for part of the evening celebrations.

Time and time again, Chrissy demonstrates his 'fearless' side, and like most good caricaturists, he's not primarily minded to paint a particularly flattering portrait, just a character-filled, hilarious, gently fun-poking picture. This being said, Chrissy certainly doesn't attend weddings in order to offend people (mostly...) and will always carefully gauge an individual's sensitivity before taking the plunge.

Other Services

Chrissy also produces characterful stationery, such as invitations, thankyou cards and wedding souvenirs, all showcasing his immense artistic flair and talent - not to mention his bespoke 'photo-to-caricature' service which is rather self-explanatory.

Click below to get in touch or just head on over to his website for more information.


  • Carolyn Pollard

    I wanted to say a huge thank you for your services on Friday 17th September at Martin and Hannah's wedding. To say that everyone was delighted was an understatement. At weddings, most activities are directed towards the couple, so it was rather nice to give something back to our guests.

  • Olwen Price

    Just had to tell you again how impressed all the guests were with your drawings. You were so entertaining and caused so much laughter, it really added to the great atmosphere of their wedding day.
    Thank you again

  • Hayley Whitten

    Just wanted to say thank you for Saturday night and doing such a great job. All my guests love their caricatures, many are becoming their profile pictures on Facebook and the compliments on your work are still rolling in!

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