What should I wear on my feet?

What should I wear on my feet?

So congratulations, you’ve found the perfect wedding dress – but what should you wear on your feet?


First things first, you will need to search for shoes that complement your dress; this might be because of their material, colour or detailing, or perhaps a combination of all three. For example, if your wedding gown features lots of diamante or bows, why not look for shoes that follow this theme?

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In terms of colour, find shoes in the same shade of white as your gown, or (if you’re brave enough) really stand out by wearing coloured shoes alongside matching jewellery. An added bonus to wearing coloured shoes is that you will be able to wear them again and again!


You’re going to be on your feet for the majority of the day, so it’s essential that your shoes are comfortable as well as stylish.

Let’s face it – as tempting as they may be, a bargain pair of heels from the high street will most likely give you blisters; regrettably, in most cases you’re going to have to splash out for true comfort!

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If you will be wearing heels, in order to avoid tottering around all day in shoes you can’t walk in, choose a height that you are used to. If you’re not used to heels but want added height on your wedding day, you could opt for wearing wedges under your dress – these are also a great choice for beach or outdoor weddings.

Be organised!

Similarly to every other aspect of your wedding planning, don’t leave finding your shoes to the last minute! For one thing, you will need to wear them in before the big day; for another, easy to overlook, you will also need to take them along to any dress-fittings in order for the dressmaker to alter the hem of your skirt to the correct length.

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