Wedding venue decoration? Ask your photographer!

Photographers are a fount of wedding knowledge

After browsing through the pages of our sister site, The Wedding Photography Secret, we arrived at the startling yet glaringly obvious realisation that wedding photographers know a huge amount about all aspects of weddings!

Thinking about it further, it makes perfect sense. Who attends in excess of 30 weddings a year, at various different venues with many different types of bride and groom? Wedding photographers!

David Golding Wedding Photography Dawn Potter Photography

Venue decoration 

Wedding photographers generally have at their disposal a colossal collection of images of various floral arrangements, table adornments, and frequently great, unique and individual decoration ideas from brides and grooms, all year round. As regular observers, they also know what wedding styles are trending and which colour schemes are popular at any given time.

Get in touch

So get in touch with your photographer now, as we’re sure they would be willing to help. Better yet, try to coincide some venue decoration questions with a pre-wedding meeting with your photographer. It’s always better to bounce ideas back and forth between each other in person.

But enough from us. Take a leisurely look through a selection of images that we’ve put together from our featured suppliers courtesy of our photography magazine. Get ready to be inspired!

Fiona Kelly Photography Dawn Potter Photography David Golding Wedding Photography

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Norsworthy Wedding Dawn Potter Photography

Fiona Kelly Photography Dawn Potter Photography

Norsworthy Weddings Dawn Potter Photography

Dawn Potter Photography Fiona Kelly Photography

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