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Stuart Murphy Photography

It comes as a great relief to us to be able to showcase a wedding photographer whose work truly is ‘natural’. So many lensmen are keen to slap on that convenient label in an attempt to match the burgeoning trend in reportage-style wedding images. Essex wedding photographer Stuart Murphy’s unobtrusive and fresh approach allows him to convey the true and unfettered emotions of the big day.

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“Stuart consistently creates candid, relaxed and visually satisfying reportage … the result of which is truly moving and overflowing with natural emotion.”

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 Who Is Stuart?

Based in Braintree, Essex, Stuart Murphy photographed weddings at weekends for many years whilst juggling his job as a full-time teacher. But as his growing passion for capturing the treasured moments of marrying couples became too strong, he decided to go with his heart and underwent a radical career change.

As of last year, Stuart emerged full-time onto the wedding photography scene; and believe us when we say it looks like he’s been doing it for decades.

“We heard about Stuart through friends, and their glowing recommendation certainly didn’t disappoint us. Stuart has a gift for photographing the one-off moments that really capture the day. He blended into the background and didn’t impose; in fact, lots of people didn’t even realise their photos were being taken. In summary, he is an extremely talented photographer and you would be mad not to book him for your big day.”

Kate and Stu


Unfortunately, there are plenty of wedding photographers out there who take a generic and canned approach to each event they attend, the results of which are flat, awkward pictures with no personality. We’re happy to say that Stuart comes nowhere near this category, and goes as far as avoiding posed photography (excepting the inevitable group shots) altogether.

To make this work, photographers need to take a more informal and natural approach to the big day. Stuart’s portfolio seems to be the result of just that. By capturing the day as it happens, rather than manufacturing poses and generally bossing your guests around, Stuart is in prime position to get the most out of your wedding.

“I can’t recommend Stuart Murphy’s photography highly enough…what we have now is a beautiful catalogue of memories – a photographic record of all the hard work, effort and love that went into making our wedding day unique and special to us. What my wife and I appreciate most about Stuart’s photography is that it is completely self-effacing and unaffected.

He has an ability to capture the moment rather than stage it…we weren’t keen on having the standard list of staged family portraits (although Stuart willingly did a few of these!), but a selection of informal photos that caught the spirit of the day, that captured people as they were in that moment – pictures that would, in years to come, remind us of what our wedding was really like. Stuart lived up to the brief brilliantly. His photos aren’t posed or contrived in any way; they are real…”

Andy and Cat

Up Close And Personal

Stuart achieves the perfect balance of being unobtrusive yet involved – the sign of a true photojournalist. He doesn’t always put distance between himself and the guests, which some wedding photographers do as they falsely believe that having a lens close to you will never allow you to relax.

Stuart’s photography takes this theory and turns it on its head, as you can clearly see throughout this article. All the lovely faces featured are relaxed, full of joy, and channelling pure emotion, even when the subjects are fully aware of Stuart’s presence and looking straight into the camera.

Stuart’s more distanced images allow him to achieve excellent depth-of-field, meaning that certain objects looked blurred in the foreground and background of certain images; combine this with a candid and observational viewpoint, and you have many opportunities for some truly natural photography.

“Hi Stuart – we’ve just got home and seen our photos…they are amazing! We cannot thank you enough!”

Reiss and Eloise

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Armed with the sharpest tool available to a reportage photographer – unobtrusiveness – Stuart is able to convey the most unfettered and pure emotions; a generous slice of the joy and love of the day, preserved forever.

Stuart seems to home in on emotions and expressions from unusual or unexpected places. For example, take a group of laughing guests. Here, many photographers might take a frontal shot of this group. Instead, Stuart will be busy capturing the reactions of a particular guest, who is simply observing the larger group, the result of which is a thoughtful collection of stills that portray the wedding day on a deeper level.

“Thank you so much for the fantastic memories you produced of our special day. It was exactly what we wanted, and we’ve had many compliments on the unique way you captured the atmosphere of the day.”

Lisa and Sam

If, like many couples out there, you have attended weddings where the bride and groom have been completely hijacked and shut off from the rest of the guests and celebrations by their wedding photographer, then Stuart Murphy will be a welcome breath of fresh air for you!  With a refreshing perspective on natural, candid wedding photography, this Essex wedding photographer has carved out for himself a significant reputation in a relatively short period of time, and has touched the hearts of many happy couples across the UK.

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