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If you are looking for a personal, proficient and professional wedding photographer to capture the essence of your wedding day, then the studio at Celynnen Photography is more than worthy of your consideration. Chester wedding photographers Ioan and Nicola Said have been running this company for the past six years from their base in the picturesque village of Pen-y-cae, near Wrexham in Northeast Wales, all the while building healthy relationships with an impressive number of marrying couples in the area.

“Personal, stunning, professional photographs delivered via an unforgettable and worthwhile experience…”

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Find out more about Celynnen PhotographyFind out more about Celynnen Photography

Meet the team

Husband-and-wife team Ioan and Nicola are the heartbeat of the company, along with their professional photographic assistant, Dougie. Ioan’s role is of course centred around being the principal photographer;  backed up by his considerable experience in commercial, fashion and portrait photography, he is the official photographer for five-star hotel The Chester Grosvenor and for North Wales Rugby team, The Crusaders!

As an experienced photographer, Ioan has had the opportunity to become familiar with the many facets of the industry, and has finally settled on wedding photography as being one of the most rewarding and satisfying niches.

Nicola concentrates her redoubtable efforts on post-wedding image-tweaking, the design of the studio’s albums and general customer relations.

Dougie is the Celynnen studio’s assistant photographer, and is often called out on engagements that require an extra lensman.

“We are very pleased we chose Celynnen Photography for our wedding day. The quality of the photos and album is exceptional, especially when compared to other far more expensive wedding photographers. Ioan is great to have around on your wedding day. We had great fun and always felt at ease. Ioan even helped sorting the stress of the makeup artist arriving exceptionally late. We had a brilliant day and we would highly recommend Celynnen Photography to capture yours.”

Alun and Mel

Find out more about Celynnen PhotographyFind out more about Celynnen Photography

Representative of your needs

After you’ve booked them to undertake the photography of your wedding day, Ioan and his studio go to great lengths to accommodate your photographic needs. Everyone reacts differently in front of a professional photographer’s lens. Of course, you may already have experience of posing for fashion shoots or personal photography, or perhaps you might be feeling a little apprehensive and shy about the whole thing! Either way, Ioan is confident that he will be able to portray you in your best light, taking a more ‘proactive’ and robust approach if you are relatively confident, or backing off and giving you more space and time if you are not.

We received friendly and professional levels of service throughout – from our initial meeting with Nicola at the fayre, followed up shortly after when Ioan visited us at our house, to our free pre-wedding photoshoot at a location of our choice, and then the main shoot on our wedding day – and not forgetting the personal delivery of the album by Ioan a few months later…what we really liked was the fact that Ioan spent the time to get to know us as people, and ensured that we felt at ease with him during the photo-shoots. His quirky nature, especially his singing (!) ensured we were smiling and laughing naturally, which always helps when you are having your picture taken!”

Anna and Neil Foulkes

Find out more about Celynnen PhotographyFind out more about Celynnen Photography

Aspirational views of yourself

Like it or not, we all have an ‘aspirational’ view of ourselves in terms of what we expect from photographs that are taken of us. Thanks to the sheer number of inexpensive, poor-quality, flash-led digital cameras that are out there, all of us are guilty of having some pretty bad photos taken of ourselves from time to time. The effect of this is that we in consequence seek even harder to create an ideal image of ourselves in our heads. It is this ideal image that Ioan strives to re-create, and his ability to attain it is repeatedly proven by the happy testimony of his many satisfied brides and grooms.

From engagement shoot to baby

Celynnen Photography’s ultra-personal ethos means that you are not merely another bride and groom. Moreover, Ioan and his friendly team prefer to get involved and keep in touch with their clients, from the shooting of their engagement photos all the way through to the bumps and babies many months or even years after the wedding day has passed! This in itself is a more powerful testament than any review or single testimonial could give.

We have had a lovely experience with Ioan and Nicola for the last 20 months; they are the best of the best and take great care in everything you want, and most importantly they listen to what you want and give you just that! Our engagement shoot was fab, and by the wedding it was as though our friends were there with us!”

Nathalie and Matt

Find out more about Celynnen PhotographyFind out more about Celynnen Photography


The Celynnen Photography approach involves no gimmicks, no overly-photoshopped and false imagery, or excessively fashionable styles of photography that you may see a number of wedding photographers employ. Your wedding photography won’t tire, won’t look jaded or appear old-fashioned! This is pure, simple and down-to-earth wedding photography at its finest.

We can’t imagine anyone more professional, and we are truly grateful for such personal service. You captured so many fleeting moments so perfectly….the results of your efforts are spectacular and we cannot recommend you highly enough.”

Claire and Simon

Find out more about Celynnen PhotographyFind out more about Celynnen Photography
Celynnen Photography is one of those rare studios whose efforts revolve almost entirely around the personal experience that they offer. Place identical cameras in two different photographers’ hands, and you are likely to observe dramatically different results. Besides the basic ability to connect technically with a camera, the photographer who can truly connect with his subject is likely to generate better outcomes by far. 
Ioan and his team create the ultimate personal experience, having forged strong bonds with countless wedding couples in the past. Go through to this Chester wedding photographer
’s website to find out more.  

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