Wedding Flower Trends 2014

Fresh flowers have long been a central feature of any wedding. Historically used to disguise body odour and ward off evil spirits, floral decorations nowadays play an essential part in complementing colour schemes, enhancing wedding themes and generally beautifying the occasion and personalising the bride and groom’s special day.

Just like any other aspect of a typical wedding, the relative popularity of certain flowers varies over time.  Here at The Wedding Secret we have gathered advice from floral experts around the country to bring you a definitive list of the flower trends we can expect to see blossoming this year!

Bramble and Wild Bramble and Wild Fabulous Flowers

Bringing The Outdoors Indoors!

Ever since Kate and Will walked down the aisle in Westminster Abbey flanked by an avenue of 20-foot field maple trees, there has been a growing number of couples transforming their indoor venues into virtual country gardens – and this inspiration is set to continue well into 2014.

“More couples are thinking about how to bring the outside in, with meadow-style flowers such as Cornflowers and Nigella with berries too, plus bigger, blowsier blooms like Peonies and Hydrangeas, which are always a favourite. Accents of moss and twigs in table decorations are also becoming popular, along with fabulous statement flower crowns for boho brides” – Bramble & Wild

“In 2014 fresh floral crowns are coming back in a big way!” – The Balloon Lady

A magical woodland setting is a popular continuation of this theme.  Natural bark vases or rustic flower-filled birdcages could be placed on the tables as centrepieces, surrounded by fresh green foliage, moss, ferns and ivy.

Ombre Flower Arrangements

Ombre hairstyles, bridal gowns, and even wedding cakes have been consistently popular over the past few years – so it comes as no great surprise that 2014 is set to be the year of ombre flowers!

“Closely following the world of fashion, graduated tones of the same colours will soon start appearing in bridal bouquets” – Fabulous Flowers

The various hues of an ombre flower arrangement will beautifully dress any venue. A bespoke bridal bouquet could be created incorporating all of your chosen colours, or perhaps each of your bridesmaids could carry a very slightly different shade, creating a simply stunning effect when they all stand together!

“In particular, we are seeing ombre-coloured bouquets filled with purple and blue shades, as well as an increasing number of nude, peach tones” – The Balloon Lady

The Balloon Lady Fabulous Flowers The Balloon Lady Fabulous Flowers

Natural, Unstructured Bouquets

In keeping with the sustained popularity of the rustic country theme, this year we will almost certainly observe an increase in the number of natural, handheld bouquets.

“We are seeing a rise in the number of brides who want really natural, wild-style bouquets, which we absolutely love! Bouquets are not so often a simple rounded posy of roses, but more a statement of the bride’s personality, with trailing vines and stems looking like they’re ‘growing’ from the bouquet, and lots of fragrance!” – Bramble & Wild

“I have noticed an increase in the rustic, English country garden theme. Couples are opting for un-uniformed, flowing bouquets that simply hint at the colour scheme rather than strictly keeping to it” – The Balloon Lady

Natural bouquets can be created throughout the year, and do remember, it’s always best to choose flowers that will seasonally be in bloom at the time of your wedding. During the summer months, there will surely be a never-ending selection of blooms to choose from, and in the winter, why not add herbs, twigs, branches, or even pinecones!

Glamorous Vintage

Vintage themes are still as popular as ever, but this year we are witnessing a shift in emphasis away from the quaint and quirky in favour of the timeless and glamorous:

“Taking over from quaint vintage, this glamorous look draws on 1920s elegant style with plenty of neutral and nude tones” – Fabulous Flowers

“Of course, ‘vintage’ colours, flowers and styles are still at the height of popularity too, but I see a more classic twist coming into this:  cut-glass instead of tea-cups, for example, full of loose little posies” – Bramble & Wild

If you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding, you’ll certainly want to hold an authentic period-style bouquet! Follow this link to find out which particular flowers were most popular during your chosen era.

The Balloon Lady The Balloon Lady

Royal Wedding Fever

Two years on, and it seems Royal Wedding fever is still upon us! Alright, given an estimated worldwide audience of over 2 billion people, I suppose this does make some sense.

From Lily-of-the-Valley to Myrtle, Hyacinth, Hornbeam and Sweet William, Kate Middleton chose only seasonal, English-grown native British flowers.

“The Royal Wedding is still having a huge influence on British brides, who are increasingly wanting to use more and more British flowers in their designs” – Bramble and Wild

Bespoke Touches

Whether it’s with a strip of fabric from her mother’s wedding gown, or a vintage piece of heirloom jewellery, there is an increasing trend for today’s bride to personalise her bouquet with objects that hold or convey a special meaning.

Similarly, there is a growing tendency for brides to research into the language of flowers before making their choices. For example, traditionally Baby’s Breath means innocence, Tulip signifies love, and Heather encourages good luck.

Popular Flowers For 2014

And finally, here’s a little list of popular flower predictions for 2014 – hurry while stocks last!

  • Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath)
  • Garden Roses
  • Peonies
  • Lily
  • Hydrangea

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