Style Guide : Wedding Dress Trends in 2011

Wedding Dress Trends in 2011 : Ruffles, Flowers, Bows, Lace and Leg!

With the short burst of gorgeous summer weddings fast approaching, I’ve decided to look at this year’s wedding dress trends in order to provide inspiration for future brides. If you’re not marrying in 2011, remember that it’s never too soon to start looking, and the chances are the majority of these fashions will be sticking around for the next few years!


Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no ignoring this recurring trend! Ruffles are the perfect feature for a bride who wants to create an impact when walking up the aisle. There are some absolutely beautiful ruffled dresses around this year, which will no doubt add an even more romantic look and feel to your special day.


Flower detailing is everywhere at the moment; even dresses shaped like giant flowers have been popping up on the runways! Although you may not wish to resemble a giant flower, when incorporated in a rather more subtle way, floral features can add such a pretty and feminine quality to wedding dresses. This floral trend has remained ever-present throughout many wedding seasons, and this year the fashion revolves around 3D features that allow the flowers on the dress to appear as if in bloom.


I have spotted quite a few delicate bows featuring in 2011 bridal collections, as well as large, oversized bows positioned on the back of dresses. These accessories add a touch of elegant glamour, and if you really want to stand out, there is currently a trend for white or off-white wedding dresses to feature black or coloured bows.

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Similarly to the floral theme, lace continues to remain a popular feature of choice for many brides, as vintage remains forever influential in the bridal world. There is something very romantic about a lace wedding dress, and they are also popular with some brides whose mothers, and perhaps even grandmothers, also wore lace to their wedding many years before.

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Short Dresses!

This season there is no lack of knee-length, mini, and even super-mini wedding dress styles to choose from. The short dress is currently growing in popularity and is a realistic option for most brides right now, so before making your final decision, don’t be afraid to try something different on first!


  1. Love the lace dresses especially. We’ve had quite a few brides wear lace dresses and most of them have been in ivory. It’s a trend that we are totally LOVING right now!!

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