Wedding date : Decide the date of your marriage

Wedding Date

The precise date of your wedding doesn’t have to be decided as early as you may think. Most couples actually do a mountain of research before even thinking about setting a date! But there will come a point where you will need to decide, as it is inextricably linked with one of the first processes of organising your wedding – booking your venue.

‘I want to get married on the 23rd of July!’

– What’s wrong with this statement? Not a great deal really, apart from the fact that this bride is going to be struggling to book that specific day for her dream wedding venue.

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Busy times

Summer is the busiest time for weddings, and more specifically the weekends from late July to September. But don’t panic! Many venues, blogs, planners and other doom-mongers out there will state that you will never be able to successfully organise a wedding at this time of year – which is completely untrue (unless you are trying to book only a month in advance of your wedding…).

Choosing the precise day on which your wedding is to take place requires you to decide one of two things:-

Option 1: I am flexible on my wedding date

-If so, then when is your dream wedding venue free?

Option 2: I want a specific date!

-If so, then which venues are still available for this specific date?  

Either approach is acceptable, but we advise that Option 1 is by far the easier route, and less likely to lead to disappointment. Of course, there are exceptions to this, the more so the further ahead you enquire.

Book way in advance?

Once again, the doom-mongers out there state that you must book your wedding venue more than a year in advance! And once again, this is simply not true. Many couples have comfortably booked venues 2-4 months before their wedding. The only difference between the situation of these couples compared with the over-zealous brides is that they were less choosy about the specific date of their wedding. The bride who booked way in advance has had more choice with the date of her wedding – but this level of advance booking is by no means essential!

Have a period of time in mind

It is best to select a period between two weeks within which you would like to hold your wedding. This means you can go ahead and communicate with your suppliers and venue, who will be able to inform you of their availability on certain days within this time-frame (thus not wasting lots of your time).

Which time of the week is best to choose?

Saturday is the most popular day of the week for most weddings. It means that friends and family won’t have to get a day off work.

Sunday is another good choice – and one that many people don’t think of – that can avoid your guests having to organise days off work (hangover day excluded). This is often a cheaper option too, as venues may offer a discounted rate on this day.

Friday can be a good choice for those looking for a discount on their wedding venue fees (this may not apply to all venues), but means many people will have to take the day off.

Other weekdays may be an option for certain venues; check with them.

What next?

Ask the venue which days are free within your suggested time-frame. From the selection they give you, choose a day and weigh up important factors, such as your budget, and whether or not your guests mind taking certain days off work. Book the day. Some venues may hold over a provisional booking of anything from two weeks to a month. Once this time is up, however, that specific day will no longer be available exclusively to you.

At this point, venues are likely to ask for a non-refundable deposit (as part of the overall wedding cost). This may be a hefty sum, anything from a quarter to half of your total wedding venue cost.


Choosing a date for your wedding is important, but you can undertake a great deal of forward planning without actually first deciding on a specific day. Try narrowing down a window of a couple of weeks that you think would be favourable for you and your guests. You can then go ahead and get in touch with your other suppliers. But don’t leave honing down the final date until too late!


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