Video No 9: How can I make sure my wedding guests mix?

Wedding music specialist Jennie Evans answers all the questions everyone should ask about wedding music.

Wedding Music Q ‘n’ A

No 8: Many of my wedding guests have not met before, how can I be sure they will mix together and enjoy themselves?

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A group of guests at a wedding is usually a combination of family, work colleagues, and other friends perhaps going back to university, school and childhood. Your guests may not all know each other well. There’s no two ways about it, in these circumstances, live music is an excellent ice-breaker! A tremendous party involves a great shared release of energy and you will want everyone on the dance floor, laughing and dancing. A top-quality live band is the key to success in this situation.

So which way do you want to party the night away? There are lots of options. Hot rhythm is the key to getting everyone out of their seats. Evoke Hollywood glitz and glamour with swing jazz, Sinatra-style. A steel band gets the party going with a Caribbean holiday feel. Samba the night away with Brazilian-influenced Latin jazz. Jump and jive with R’n’B and boogie-woogie, a la Jools Holland. Get into a really funky groove with a soul/disco/funk band. Everyone enjoys the pop classics of the last six decades. Or you could settle for a traditional Irish-style family ceilidh or barn dance, hilarious fun with everyone involved.

Whichever style “floats your boat” live music will get the party into top gear in no time.

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