Top 5 Musical Wedding Themes

Wedding reception music sets the atmosphere

With your wedding getting closer and closer, you’ve probably been over all of your plans with the finest of fine-toothed combs, but have you missed one of the biggest things that’ll make that night a night to remember? No, I’m not talking about the honeymoon; I’m talking about the reception. Have you decided to take the easy option and pick a DJ over a live wedding band? Pity, you were so close to getting it right.

Ok, DJs have their place, but wedding receptions are just made for live wedding music. Just picture it for a moment – everybody’s sitting around, not wanting to get up on the dancefloor; the music is the sort of cheap compilation that a teenager might put together on a rainy Sunday afternoon; the DJ just stands there, fiddling with dials while looking for his ‘The Greatest Hits of…’ album; and people are actually considering going home. Not really what you want your wedding reception to be remembered for, is it?

Live party music gets the celebration going

Top Musical Wedding Themes

Now, just how much do you think the picture would change if the music was live? Not all bands take requests, but they’re more likely to than a DJ who has a set playlist, and has probably never even heard of the song that Great Aunt Ethel wants him to play. If you use a wedding band hire company – and yes, if you want, you even get to audition the bands that play music from a certain era – then you can really make the reception jump.

So, which era do you want your music to be from?

If you’re going for musical wedding themes for the night, then there are few swinging decades that you might like to consider.


First off are the ‘50s. This was the decade when the music started to change. Rock’n’Roll was on its way up the charts, but there was still plenty of slow, ‘smoochy’ music; just what a newly-married couple wants when they’re up on the dancefloor. If you want to get friends and family involved in some harmless fun, why not get your live wedding band to play a bit of limbo? Let’s see a DJ do that, spontaneously.


If you want to move the music forward a little, and have a passion for the likes of the Beatles, the Stones and Elvis, then you’re going to want a live wedding band that can bang out the beats from the ‘60s. Although singing along is optional, and for many it should be prohibited, you’re going to find that many of your guests, both young and old, are going to know most of the words to these songs.

Traditional Irish or Scottish, ceilidh or barndance breaks the ice

How about a shift of themes away from the modern pop decades, and taking in a few more cultural tunes? No matter who you are, you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel your toes tapping when the Irish music starts playing. Ah, U2. Well, as good as they are, it’s probably the Irish or Scottish country music that’s going to get more people up on that deserted dancefloor.

Some of the traditional Celtic music is so much fun, and you’ll easily be able to find a live wedding band that can play it and, if you want, organise some country dancing, so that you’ll have a hard time getting people to leave; not that you’ll be too worried if you’ve already slipped out the back and are well on your way to your honeymoon!

Songs from the Shows add a touch of glitz and glamour

Seeing as this is the day for grandeur, why not have a reception night filled with Musical music? Now, before you start to wonder how you’ll get people up to dance to songs from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, just remember that ‘Grease’ is a Musical, and there’s enough good tunes from that one show to get the party started. Who out there can resist doing ‘The Time Warp’ from ‘The Rocky Horror Show’? Ok, maybe Great Aunt Ethel, but you’d surprised. Just think; this will be performed by a live wedding band, playing live wedding music (or perhaps not-so-wedding music if it’s from ‘The Rocky Horror Show’!).

21st-century alternatives for a younger audience

Still all a little bit too ‘old’ for your tastes? No problem. You’ll be able to find a wedding band hire company that’ll have bands that play far more up-to-date music, showbiz or otherwise.

A Pop Party Covers Band can cover all the bases

If all of those choices sound good, and you can’t decide exactly which style of live wedding music you’re going to have, then why not have all of it? Kick off the night with some ‘50s music to get everyone on their feet, move steadily up through the decades and then, when everyone’s in full swing, switch to the Irish music. Now that’ll be a night and a half, won’t it? It might even be worth delaying the honeymoon for… well, for a few hours, anyway.

So, as you go through that seemingly endless wedding list again, ticking off all of the things that have been done, and those still to be done, cross out the one saying ‘hire a DJ’ and replace it with ‘find a wedding band hire company’ and ‘listen to live wedding bands’. As ‘traditional’ as getting a DJ to play a few tracks at your reception may be, you’re going to get so much more out of having a live wedding band, playing live wedding music.

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