Ensure your wedding day is a celebration to remember with the help of fantastic live music. Inject a little bit of your personality into your evening celebrations and create a wonderfully fun atmosphere with music that reflects you.

If you’re unsure on where to start, Last Minute Musicians offer an excellent site in which you can hire wedding bands and search through the fantastic range of musicians available. They represent talented musicians such as The Revelry who produce festival folk style music, perfect for your outdoor or barn wedding.

So, once you’ve found an act that you love and have booked them in, how can you ensure you get the best out of them?



We’ve put together our top tips to help make life easy for your chosen band in order to make sure that they can rock your evening reception to the best of their ability!

1. Plan in advance

The contact you have for the band will usually let you know their exact requirements beforehand, but it’s also a good idea to speak to someone at the venue and ask about how they usually go about accommodating live music. Clear communication is key and reduces stress; there are a couple of good questions to ask:

  • Where do they usually put live music and is there enough space?
  • Are there enough power points nearby?
  • Are there any noise restrictions or sound limiters?


You can either pass this information onto your band, or put the band directly in touch with your venue contact.

Top tip: The more information the band has in advance, the better. For instance, if you want them to play your first dance, always ask well in advance to allow for rehearsal time and send over a specific version of the song to avoid any confusion.

2. Assign a point of contact

On the day of the wedding you want to minimize stress, relax and enjoy the occasion minus any running around and coordination. When it comes to the practicalities, it’s a great idea to have someone tasked with meeting and greeting the band and showing them what’s what.


One of the groomsmen, bridesmaids or any other trusted guest is the perfect point of call along with a person from the venue itself. This way, any potential problems can be dealt with swiftly… and hopefully leave you in blissful ignorance!

Top tip: Bands often travel with a lot of heavy and bulky equipment, so the closer the performance space is to a viable entry/exit the better.

If the space for your band to pay is awkward to get to, such as up stairs, you should definitely let the band know and consider sparing a couple of willing people to help!

3. Give them some space (literally!)



We understand that every wedding venue is unique and has differing availabilities of space, however providing a room as storage for the band and allowing them to get changed and warm up, is a great idea. This also allows them to stay out of the way if they are required to arrive before they start playing.

If your evening reception is taking place in the same room as other proceedings, encouraging your guests to move outside or to another room while the band sets up and sound-checks can be handy… no one needs to see what goes on behind the scenes!

Top tip: Make sure any temporary dance floors leave enough room for the band. Whether you’re opting for a swing band or ceilidh, you’re musicians will be grateful for as much space as possible.

4. Feed them up

Perhaps an obvious point, but if you’re providing food or a buffet for your evening guests, extending the offer to the band is always a nice thing to do. After all, the last thing you want is them performing on an empty stomach!

Some bands will stipulate a hot meal be provided in their contract, however if it’s not specified it’s generally a good idea to make some kind of provision. Worst comes to worst, a jug of water and a cup of coffee would be greatly appreciated we’re sure.


5. Add atmosphere

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure your evening reception is a hit.  While it may seem like a given, requesting that the lights be dimmed during the gig is a must to ensure your guests are up on the dance floor… very few people enjoy dancing in broad daylight!

Your first dance is a great time to encourage everyone onto the dance floor, so it’s a good idea to stay dancing through the next couple of songs also. This is a great way to encourage guests to join in with you both and not just make a beeline for the bar.

Top tip: Ensure any late-night food is scheduled between the bands sets – no one wants your band’s set time wasted by playing exclusively to the buffet queue!



Take a little look at lastminutemusicians.com if you’re yet to find your dream entertainment.  

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