Wedding receptions overseas

Globalisation and jet-setting to your wedding destination

Thanks to the burgeoning modern trend of globalisation and the evolution of the jet age, destination weddings have become increasingly popular. With the thrills of leaving a mundane, damp and chilly homeland for sun-baked beaches, azure oceans and tropical weather hard to resist, more and more couples are opting to travel abroad for their wedding reception (or even their entire wedding). Excellent destination wedding photography company Dreamtime Images has sent us a few examples of photographs they have taken at destination weddings abroad.

Not as expensive as you might think

We may think of getting married on the hot and white beaches of some faraway country as being exclusive to the rich and famous, but now more and more people are catching on to the fact that holding their wedding abroad can actually be significantly cheaper.

What is a destination wedding?

Now the term ‘destination wedding’ implies that you and your guests will need to travel to a (distant) location and stay for several days. This can be in beautiful locations overseas, but could also be a distant area in your own country. These ‘areas’ often have the infrastructure to support wedding celebrations, and many appropriately licensed venues can be found throughout.

Legalities of destination weddings

Consider the legalities of getting married abroad. First, choose a destination. Once you have figured this out, consulting the website of the local British Embassy (or of your residing country) or Consulate of your chosen destination would be appropriate in order to find out which documents you need (and whether marriage in these countries is legally binding too!).

Think about your guests and yourselves

When considering a destination wedding, you must balance the convenience between yourselves and your guests – uncles, aunts, friends and relatives may have a limit on how far they can travel. Once again, consult your budget and consider how many guests you can accommodate. Also consider that you could have a second reception afterwards back in your homeland to appease family and friends that couldn’t make it. For all this you should take your time and find the solution that’s right for you.

Weddings abroad can be cheap, exciting and exotic, but try to balance the needs and expectations of your guests, bearing in mind travel and accommodation costs for everyone involved.


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