Tartan wedding colour scheme


Of course, tartan is more of a pattern than a colour, and comes in many different configurations! It is a truly stunning pattern, originally woven from wool by Celts across Europe. Today it has been adopted and remains a central part of Scottish national dress, and makes a great addition to a wedding, often in the form of kilts.

Tartan with a colour scheme

Tartan weave comes in many colours, most often red, blue or green (depending on the clan). Because of the flexible nature of the pattern, brides and grooms can use any colour scheme to match (as it probably won’t clash with tartan!).


Of course, if you are looking for a Scottish theme, tartan is a must. You can apply this not only to kilts, but to other aspects such as decorations and even nail-paint!

Having a suitably-costumed bagpiper attend your wedding is a traditional must too.

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