The Wedding Ceremony: How do I organise a church wedding ceremony in England and Wales?

A religious wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to bind the love you have with your partner and with your faith. A church wedding could refer to a number of different religious practises including Christian, Catholic and Church of England. The type of religious wedding ceremony you have depends on your faith and parish.

Get Married At Night

Here in the UK we are fortunate enough to be able to get married 24/7. Meaning we can legally marry any day, any time, including getting married at night. Although it wasn’t always this way.  

World War II-Themed Wedding

World War II-Themed Wedding Longing to bask in the romance of a bygone era on your wedding day? How about planning a 1940’s World War II-themed wedding? World War II and the 1930s and 1940s were known as a time of austerity amongst the British public. Despite this, we can’t overlook the artistic and cultural […]

The Wedding Ceremony : 5. How to make your civil wedding ceremony special

Let’s face it, at its bare minimum, a civil wedding ceremony is a dry and insipid official enactment of the legal procedure required to enable a couple to become man and wife. It lacks the traditional human resonances and the feeling of spiritual commitment of its religious counterpart. It is worth taking the time and […]

The Wedding Ceremony : 2. The dos and don’ts of the civil wedding ceremony in the UK

Part Two : What are we allowed to include in a civil wedding ceremony? At its most basic, a civil wedding ceremony must include legal declarations of status and the exchange of marriage vows, through which both partners make verbal commitments to love and support each other throughout the rest of their lives. These vows […]