Top 10 Cheesy Pop Songs

Top 10 Cheesy Pop Songs If you’re looking for cheese, you’ve come to the right place. Although many people do their¬†absolute best to avoid hearing these songs, you have to admit that some of these are timeless bangers that will be remembered for years to come. Creating your wedding playlist is hard, but your guests […]

Top 5 Wedding Marches

Top 5 Wedding Marches Few would deny that music plays an important part in every wedding ceremony, whether it is church or civil. From the potentially nervous, nail-biting first few minutes spent waiting for the entrance of the bridal party, through to the joyous fanfare announcing the couple as newlyweds; no matter whether traditional or […]

Top 10 songs to get people dancing

Top 10 songs to get people dancing The key to getting your guests up and dancing really lies within the variety of the music you choose. Think about your audience – it’s unrealistic to imagine that your grandparents are going to enjoy the same music as your bridesmaids, so try and mix it up a […]

What is the difference between a ceilidh, a ceili and a barn dance?

No matter what the exact name, historically and collectively speaking, a ceilidh, ceili or barn dance is a get-together of farm folk in the British Isles.