Personalise Your Civil Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony sits at the very heart of your special day. So you’ve opted for a civil service. How can you imbue a civil wedding ceremony with the sense of tradition and meaning that comes as part and parcel of a conventional religious service?

Wedding Venue Licensing : How does a wedding venue become licensed?

Licence to marry Many of you, especially those looking to ‘DIY-ify’ your wedding, may be wondering whether you can legally host a civil ceremony in any building of your choice. Alas, in England, Ireland and Wales, it’s not as simple as that of course. The venue or building must be approved and hold an appropriate licence. […]

How much does a civil wedding ceremony cost?

Civil ceremony costs If you are intending to book an inclusive ceremony/reception at a licensed wedding venue, many examples that you look at won’t be specific about how much the ceremony itself costs, at least not at first glance. So, whether you’re looking to save money and have an external civil ceremony separate to your […]

What if I want my wedding without a reception?

What if I want my wedding without a reception? If you’re not too fussed about hosting a wedding reception or have absolutely no intention of going through the stress of planning one, you’ve come to the right place. Your wedding is yours and your partner’s day, and it can be exactly as you want it.  […]