Fairtrade, Sustainable Bridalwear : Tammam

Fairtrade, Sustainable Bridalwear : Tammam

With documentaries such as The True Cost and Fashion’s Dirty Secrets bringing to light the effects of fast fashion and its depletion of the earth’s resources, many fashion brands are making the shift to ethical and sustainable fashion.

Why not make the wardrobe shift, starting with your wedding dress?

We have all been culprits when it comes to feeling the need to buy a cheap new garment for an occasion, but that might stop when we face the fact that after the oil industry, fashion is the earth’s second biggest polluter!

Fast fashion is as damaging as chemical pollutants, and even responsible for wiping out entire ecosystems. With brands such as People Tree, Everlane and Reformation jumping on board with sustainable fashion, we think maybe it’s time we did too.

British design house Tammam produces unique, fair-trade and sustainable bridal gowns inspired by 1930s glamour and its sophisticated silhouettes.

The fashion label creates one-off designs with a team of skilled weavers, embellishers, designers and tailors. Using only fine sustainable fabrics, including peace silk, banana, organic fair-trade cotton and nettle.The team at Tammam are constantly finding new developments as well as trialing new eco-tech fibres.

Whilst on the subject of cotton, not many know that cotton is one of the most unsustainable crops of our time. Cotton was responsible for one of the worst environmental disasters – the depletion of the Aral Sea.

The Aral Sea, one of the biggest inland seas in the world, used to lie between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, until it was almost entirely drained for cotton production.

These ethical dresses are designed by Lucy Tammam, a fashion graduate from the prestigious Central St Martins. This collection offers haute-couture with a conscience, which has not gone unnoticed by A-listers.

Tammam was even rumoured to be creating Kate Middleton’s wedding gown last year!

The Tammam label have even developed their own fabrics, many of which are created using hand-looms. The team pride themselves on consistently recycling, re-issuing and re-inventing archive pieces. Constantly researching and sourcing exclusive and sustainable fabrics, you’re ensured a cruelty free dress for the big day.

At your first fitting, expect to try on a range of gowns even putting different gowns together to achieve your very own masterpiece. Hand craft your own piece of wearable art, made to fit you.

The range of fabrics and details are endless, the team are right by your side making a real-life manifestation of your dream dress. Tailor the dress to your wedding theme, pair the colours, embellishments and fabrics with your chosen design.

Alternatively browse their selection of handpicked indie brands and emerging sustainable designers. Hire the perfect piece and adjust it to fit you. Think sculpted elegance in all shapes, silhouettes and sustainable fabrics.

Indulge in the hand-crafted lace that was made using fibres such as British tulle, organic cotton or Eri peace silk yarn – only the finest and ethical of fabrics. With nothing going to waste, buy sample dresses at a fraction of the price, nab them while you can. Feel incredible as you stroll down the aisle on the big day, knowing that you look and feel your very best in these conscious designs.

So, if we’ve convinced you to go ethical with your wedding dress, know that you’ll dazzle on all accounts on the special day. For a truly unique, bespoke and sustainable experience choose Tammam and feel decadent in an ethical haute couture gown.

To find out more about these gorgeous eco-friendly gowns, pop over to Tammam.co.uk

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