Socialising at weddings

Brides and Grooms: Socialising At Weddings

Ah, your wedding day.  A day when all your family and friends are in one place and all the limelight is on you and your partner.

Most people relish in this, a chance to be noticed. But for some of you, particularly the socially shy, it can bring up a whole load of anxieties.

socialising at weddings

As the married couple, you have invited guests to share this special day with you. You are the hosts of the event, and being hosts comes with responsibilities. One of them is ensuring you are being sociable with everyone at your wedding.

Social Butterflies

Now, this may seem like a rather trivial topic, but you would be surprised how difficult it is getting around to seeing everyone at your wedding.

Particularly if you have invited a large number of friends and family to your wedding, you don’t want people going home thinking you’ve ignored them the whole day.

Socialising at weddings

Of course, don’t put pressure on yourself if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of interacting with every guest but at least show them that you are making an effort, no matter how small.

The Basics

One of your most important roles as bride and groom, besides having fun and enjoying the day, is to welcome and talk with every single guest!

Those individual guests you don’t know especially well, or those who have travelled a considerable distance to be there, should actually be a priority, as they will really appreciate the time you give to them.

Socialising at weddings

You should also try not to have all your socialising time monopolised by your immediate family and close friends. They see you regularly after all and you’ll probably spend time with them immediately after your honeymoon anyway.

We are not suggesting you avoid them, merely that you don’t spend your entire day with your best friends glued to your side.

Socialise At The Drinks Reception

The drinks reception usually takes place shortly after the conclusion of your marriage ceremony. It’s an ideal opportunity for you to talk to a large number of your guests, and many people will approach you anyway with their congratulations.

Besides some potential wedding photography distractions, this is a relatively event-free period in comparison to the reception ahead, so make your rounds and chatter away!

Socialising in weddings

This will be the first chance you have to see your guests as there is normally no time before the ceremony. It is an opportune moment to catch up with long lost friends, work colleagues, and family members you haven’t seen in a while!

Guest introductions

A time-saving way to interact with many guests at once is to introduce them to each other.

If they will be sitting on the same table or if you think they will get along, introducing guests and family members sparks conversation with different groups of people which essentially enables you to chat to twice as many people.

If you had a little matchmaking to do, this is also the opportune moment to introduce and get that little spark going!

Receiving Line

A receiving line is an old wedding tradition where guests line up and greet the newly married couple before the wedding breakfast or reception. The couple often stands at the entrance to ‘welcome’ each guest before they make their way to their seat.

This may sound a little old fashioned and a big of a drag but it’s the perfect chance to ensure you speak to every single one of your guests and make them feel involved.

It also gives them a chance to pass on their congratulations, if they have not had the chance during your drink’s reception.

This is definitely something to consider if you have a busy wedding day planned out as you may not get another chance to speak to everyone.

Visit Tables Between Courses

Wedding planner Kate Park suggests couples should

Take time between courses to interact with guests as it’s a better way to take off pressure during the drinks reception…One of my couples decided to scrap the top table and had a small table just for the two of them. This worked well as both of them could interact with guests between courses without feeling they were leaving people on their own on the table.

Between your starter and main course, and again before desserts, you should leave the top table and visit a number of your tables to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and the food. This is the perfect way to make guests feel that you care and also a great chance for you to gather up reviews on the food and service you’ve spent money on!

Socialising at weddings

If you’ve visited all of the tables before the whole meal is up, then you’ve done a great job.

However, be aware that your catering staff probably won’t start serving the next course until you are once more seated, so don’t spend too long doing this. You may end up annoying hungry guests!

Wedding Games and Activities

Having an all-inclusive wedding game is the perfect way for your guests to feel like they have interacted with you. Plus, it is a great icebreaker for guests who may not know one another.

Wedding Shoe Game

This could include the Wedding Shoe Game where the bride and groom are seated in chairs back to back and remove their shoes.

Before the game starts, ask guests to think of a humorous question you want they want to ask you i.e who has more clothes, who spends the most money etc. Then during the game these are read out and they lift either their shoe or their partners shoe as to who is the clothes horse or who is more of a spendthrift.

Not only does this make guests feel more involved with the wedding, but it is also an extra form of entertainment and certainly one guests won’t forget in a hurry!


If you are a particularly confident couple and don’t mind oversharing information about yourselves with your friends and family, creating a ‘How well do you know the bride and groom quiz’ will ensure every single guest is involved.

socialising at weddings

Set this quiz up after the speeches and get either the best man or maid of honour to be the quiz master. It’ll be a hilarious way to interact with guests.

Wedding Favours

Getting personalised wedding favours made is the perfect way to make your guests feel like you have thought of them before and during your big day. You could go around each table to hand these out which means that you get to talk to each guest.

Your Immediate Family

The bride and groom’s party, including your combined sets of parents, can play their own role in helping you socialise. Lifting a little pressure off you.

For parents who have paid for or contributed to the wedding this is a chance for them to feel more involved in the event. Although this is a particularly old notion, it is not uncommon. Give your parents the task of passing on thanks on your behalf, if you definitely won’t get the chance.

socialising at weddings

It’s the best man and chief bridesmaid’s job to make sure that everything is running smoothly and you are having a great time. They should lend a helping hand by instigating conversations, or encouraging people to approach you!

Don’t be tempted to socialise exclusively with your immediate family, as you really should talk to everyone!

The stimulating environment of your wedding means that conversation will be easy. Don’t over-worry yourself with the details of talking to relatively unfamiliar individuals – it will all come naturally.

Above all else, relax and enjoy yourselves.

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