Sci-Fi Wedding Theme

Sci-Fi Wedding Theme

Hello, and welcome to another ideas and inspirations post here on The Wedding Planning Secret. Today we’re looking into wedding themes again, and have come across an interesting concept (perhaps inspired by last week’s Don’t Tell The Bride on BBC!).

To infinity, and beyond!

Grab your phasers, lightsabres and blasters and set them to stun- we’re going to share some dazzling ideas about basing your wedding around a science fiction theme.


Now this is a warning that we should be putting on all our wedding theme idea posts! Certain wedding themes, such as the one we are featuring today, can be taken with more than a pinch of salt. Thousands of couples around the world indulge in wedding themes (you may be, even if you don’t realise it!), on different levels and with varying commitment. There is simply nothing wrong with taking just a few elements of a theme and applying them to your wedding in a subtle manner.

About both of you

Wedding themes should carry significance for the marrying couple, so if you are both interested in Sci-Fi, then go for it!


Wedding venues perfect for a Sci-Fi theme could be Science Museums, or alternatively DIY wedding venues such as village halls or plain function rooms (plain is important, because you can add your own decorations without any problems!).


Space purely consists of darkness, but it’s also full of stars, bright lights, radiation, pulsars and planets. Get with the colour-spectrum and hire in some funky lighting equipment.

What to wear?

This really depends on how far you want to take the theme. Dress as a Jedi, Princess Leia, Captain Kirk or a Stormtrooper. Maybe you should save the costumes for the wedding reception?


Cakes are a great way of expressing your wedding theme. A flying saucer, spaceship or UFO cake would be a real treat.


Get creative with your table stationery and decorations. Star Trek-style com-badges as place settings with guests’ names on them would be great!

Other images or concepts to include

Think robots, aliens, spaceships and planets. Legendary and iconic TV programmes or films that have inspired and sustained the genre include Dr Who, Star Wars, Lost In Space, Star Trek, Alien, War Of The Worlds, Planet Of The Apes, Terminator and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind!

In the end, science fiction is both a product and a beacon of mankind’s imagination and foresight. So too should you use your imagination. Take inspiration from your favourite Sci-Fi films, books or other texts to boldly go and create the most futuristic wedding ever!  

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