Romantic Wedding Music!

Romantic Wedding Music!

We’ve gone all Valentine-crazy here at The Wedding Secret today! Here on the music magazine, we’re going to focus on finding the most romantic, love-inspiring types of music/bands to feature at your wedding.

There are certain musical genres that are regularly associated with the hot fires of romantic passion.

Here are some apposite styles of music and a few specific bands we’ve seen and featured in the past:-

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Latin-American Music

The hot, sultry rhythms of the New World meets the Old. This romantic music was pioneered in Central and South America, and is primarily influenced by Spanish, African and indigenous Amerindian styles of music.

This music is strongly linked to the exotic, romantic dances that made it so popular. Think of the Salsa, Lambada, Tango and the Samba.

Some amazing Latin-American bands include:-

Grupo Ilu Axé

La Cuba Ritmo

Sirius B Salsa Band

Viva Zapata

Jazz and Parisian Jazz

Jazz is one of the most influential seminal developments in modern popular music to date, and there are many sub-genres. The soulful, smooth beats of this now classic form of musical expression fit perfectly with anything from a romantic dinner-date to the grandest of weddings.

The soft, silky tones of the double-bass combined with the serene and subtle piano would suit the calm and intimate setup that lends itself so well to a romantic atmosphere. Add further instruments and voices to taste.

Take a peek at a few top-quality jazz bands:

The Hot Jazz Biscuits

El Diablo Jazz

High Standards

Imagine the evocative tones of a romantic French accordion wafting over your wedding celebrations; consider hiring a Parisian-style Jazz Band:

Le Cafe Jazz

Romantic music comes in many styles and forms. Settle with the dulcet tones of a relaxed jazz ensemble to create and sustain an intimate and romantic setting at your wedding. When you need a little more up-tempo energy and a full dancefloor, look for a smokin’ hot Latin-American salsa band!

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