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The Mr. and Mrs. Game

If you’ve never had the privilege of watching the original Mr. and Mrs. Game TV series, let us fill you in: It was a quiz show in the 90s that saw married couples asked personal questions about their spouse in the hopes of getting a matching answer.

For example, if Mrs. A was to be asked “Who snores more?” and she answered “Him”, Mr. A would have to answer “Me” for their answers to match and for them to win a point as a team. If Mr. A answered “Her”, they’d both be incorrect and they wouldn’t get a point.

Simple enough, right?

Suffice to say, this game format also leaves ample room for funny answers and comical disagreements between couples. As well as making for a great game show, the Mr. & Mrs. Game is also a perfect activity for a hen night.

So how does it work?


Well, prior to the hen night, make it the responsibility of yourself or one of the bride’s close friends to get in touch with her fiancée and ask them a series of questions, making sure to write down their answers. (The answers can also be recorded and played back on the night for some added fun!).

On the hen night, perhaps as a warm-up before heading out for the evening’s activities, ask the bride-to-be the same questions and see if their answers match!

Ready to get started? Good! Here are plenty of ideas for Mr. & Mrs. questions to get the ball rolling…


Traditional Mr. and Mrs. Game Questions

  • What are you most likely to argue about?
  • What were they wearing on your first date?
  • What are your pet names for each other?
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first? And how long into your relationship did they say it?
  • What were their first impressions of you?
  • What’s been their proudest moment?
  • What three words would they use to describe you?
  • Where did you go on your first date and who paid the bill?
  • What’s the most romantic thing they’ve done for you?
  • Where do they most want to travel to?
  • What were their exact words when they proposed?
  • If they could only take one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
  • What do they love about you the most?
  • If they could meet one celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?
  • What’s their favourite thing about your body?
  • How many children do they want?

Funny Mr. and Mrs. Game Questions

  • Who is their weird celebrity crush?
  • Which of your friends do you think they fancy most?
  • What was their most embarrassing moment?
  • There’s a spider in the house. Who has to deal with it?
  • Would they say it was love at first sight, or was it a slow burner?
  • If you were stuck with a flat tyre in the middle of the night, would they come to help you?
  • Do they trust you with their Facebook/Amazon/Netflix/email passwords?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing they ever did around you?
  • You leave them for a couple of days with a full sink of dirty dishes. Are they done by the time you get back?
  • How likely are they to make an excuse to go to their parents’ house just to have their laundry done?
  • Who’s the messy one in the relationship and do they admit they’re messy?
  • Did they have an embarrassing screen name when they were younger? Do you know it?
  • What’s their guilty pleasure music?
  • Do they get road rage? What are their most common outbursts?
  • Can you make it through a trip to Ikea together without having a row?


Basic (or maybe not-so-basic) Knowledge Mr. and Mrs. Game Questions

  • What is their worst habit?
  • What is their pet peeve?
  • How many times did they take their driving test?
  • What was the first film you ever saw together?
  • How do they take their tea?
  • What are they most afraid of?
  • What was their first job?
  • Name all of their cousins.
  • What is their favourite song?
  • What’s their shoe size?
  • Do they prefer you in a dress or jeans?
  • What is their favourite film?
  • What’s their eye colour? (You’d be surprised how many people get this wrong!)
  • What’s their star sign?
  • What’s their favourite food?
  • What’s their most worn item of clothing?
  • What’s their preferred brand of shampoo?
  • What food do they absolutely hate?
  • Are they a beer or wine drinker?
  • Marmite: do they love it or hate it?


 Revealing Mr. and Mrs. Game Questions

  • Who would they save first from a sinking ship? You or their mother?
  • What’s the worst present they ever gave you?
  • Who typically wins arguments?
  • What was your biggest holiday row about?
  • If they could save only one thing in a fire (besides you) what would it be?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing they’ve done in front of your parents?
  • Who wears the trousers in the relationship?
  • How much do they really like your family?
  • Organise these priorities for them in order: You, Work, & Mates
  • Have they ever done something with their hair/got a piercing or tattoo that you hated? Did you tell them?
  • Have they ever cooked something for you that you hated? Did you tell them?
  • Who’s their least favourite member of your family?


Rude Mr. and Mrs. Game Questions

  • Which celebrity have they got a ‘hall pass’ for?
  • After how many dates did you first have sex?
  • How many sexual partners have they had?
  • Who is noisier in bed?
  • Where’s the weirdest/riskiest place you’ve had sex?
  • Is your partner more a fan of your boobs, bum, or legs?
  • What’s your bra size? Does your partner know it?
  • Have you ever been caught in the act? If so, by whom?
  • What’s your partner’s wildest sexual fantasy?
  • Would they be up for a threesome? Would you?
  • What would they most want you to dress up as?
  • What’s the naughtiest thing they ever did at school? (And, no, we don’t mean something like “running through a field of wheat”.)
  • Who of the two of you is more adventurous in the bedroom?
  • Sex toys: yes or no?
  • What’s their strong suit in the bedroom?

Mr. and Mrs. Game Rules

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, consider how you’re going to fit your round of the Mr. & Mrs. Game into the hen do you’re throwing.

Making a good old drinking game out of it is the obvious choice. If the bride gets the wrong answer to a question, make her take a drink. If she gets the right one, make everyone else take a drink.

This is sure to be a fun start to the evening and a good ice breaker as it will get all your hens giggling away and in good spirits for the rest of the planned festivities.


Another way to play is to make it a points-scoring game. Set a target for how many questions the bride has to get right (i.e. 15 out of 20). If she falls short of the target, assign her a dare that she has to complete during the course of the evening. But if she makes the grade, she gets to assign all her hens a dare!

You could also just play it straight at the start of the hen do, especially over a boozy brunch or a dinner. Besides, it’s the questions you choose that will make it fun for everyone!

Oh, and on that note, we suggest you choose your questions wisely! You know the bride-to-be best, so don’t pick any questions you know she won’t like or that could really embarrass her.

Along the same lines, if you choose a question but the groom gives a particularly unhelpful answer or an answer that would be too embarrassing for the bride, cut it!

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