The Mr and Mrs Game: How Well Do You Know Your Spouse-to-be?

Mr and Mrs was a highly successful television game show which originated in Canada and found popularity in the UK. Produced by ITV, a different show aired depending on the area of the UK a viewer was watching from. From 1965, couples went on air to discover how well they knew each other. Mr and Mrs underwent several guises with different presenters, most recently as All Star Mr and Mrs with Phillip Schofield. It is similar to The Newlywed Game, broadcast in America from 1966, although participants didn’t have to be recently married. It is also similar to the “He Said She Said” game now popular at bachelorette parties.

Mr and Mrs game questions

Here at The Wedding Secret, we think this is the perfect game to destress from wedding planning. A lot of bridesmaids plan a version of the popular game to play at hen dos, although we think it is much more appropriate for a joint “sten do”. Here’s everything you will need to run your own!

How to Play Mr and Mrs

The basic premise of the game is very simple. There are two types of questions: a Him/Her and a matching question.

The matching question segment is self-explanatory. Ask a series of questions to each partner in secret. Then, have their other half try to come up with the same answer. For the Him/Her round, each partner should indicate which of them is most likely to do something.

For instance, they can sit back to back with a pink and a blue paddle each. One of the bridesmaids or groomsmen asks a question, for example, “Which of you is messier?” At the same time, they must both raise a paddle (for example pink for her, blue for him). Hilarity inevitably ensues when they answer differently!

Mr and Mrs game questions

Of course, you can use any colour paddle (or implement, for example wooden spoons or even shoes) and not just pink and blue. The same goes for same sex couples; just assign each partner a colour and make sure they both understand the rules!

Simple enough, right? This game format leaves ample room for funny answers and comical disagreements between couples. Although, as we are suggesting this as a sten do game, maybe keep out the potentially marriage-ruining questions!

Him/Her Questions

  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • Who wants more children?
  • There’s a spider in the house. Who has to deal with it?
  • Who’s the messy one in the relationship?
  • Who typically wins arguments?
  • Who wears the trousers in the relationship?
  • Who’s the better cook?
  • Who is noisier in bed? (Think of this what you will…)
  • Who is more adventurous in the bedroom?
  • Who’s better at saving money?
  • And who is better at spending money?
  • Who is the better dancer? (You can ask them to show their moves off!)
  • Who will cry first on the wedding day?
  • Who’s the better driver?
  • Who instigated the first kiss?
  • Who plans the better dates?
  • Bride or groom: who gives better backrubs?
  • Who loses their keys more often?
  • Who’s more obsessed with their phone?
  • Who goes to sleep later?
Mr and Mrs game questions

Traditional Mr and Mrs Questions

  • What were they wearing on your first date?
  • What are your pet names for each other?
  • What’s been their proudest moment?
  • Where did you go on your first date and who paid the bill?
  • What’s the most romantic thing they’ve done for you?
  • Where do they most want to travel to?
  • If they could only take one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
  • If they could meet one celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?
  • What’s their favourite thing about you?
  • Who is their weird celebrity crush?
  • Did they have an embarrassing screen name when they were younger?
  • What’s their guilty pleasure music?
  • How many times did they take their driving test?
  • What was the first film you ever saw together?
  • How do they take their tea?
  • What are they most afraid of?
  • What was their first job?
  • What’s their eye colour? (You’d be surprised how many people get this wrong!)
  • What’s their preferred brand of shampoo?
  • What food do they absolutely hate?
  • Marmite: do they love it or hate it?
  • If they could save only one thing in a fire (besides you) what would it be?
  • Have they ever cooked something for you that you hated? Did you tell them?
  •  After how many dates did you first have sex?
  • What would they most want you to dress up as?
  • What’s the naughtiest thing they ever did at school? (And, no, we don’t mean something like “running through a field of wheat”.)

Mr and Mrs Game Rules

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, consider how you’re going to fit your round of Mr and Mrs into the do you’re throwing.

Making a good old drinking game out of it is the obvious choice. If one of them gets the answer wrong to a question, make them take a drink. However, if they get it right, everyone else has to drink.

Mr and Mrs game questions

This will surely be a quick way to inebriate everyone. It will also be a great ice breaker if the bridesmaids and groomsmen don’t know each other that well. And, you’re sure to come away with plenty of stories!

On the other hand, you can make it into a points-scoring game. The losing partner has to complete a dare during the course of the evening. If they both ace the game, they can assign a dare for everyone else!

Mr and Mrs game questions

Of course, you could easily incorporate the game into a hen do or stag do. Just make sure you get the answers from the other side in advance. Furthermore, you can even film the answers to give it a bit of television pizazz.

Lastly, we’d like to give some advice for whoever plans the game. It will help if you know both the bride and groom. That way, you can work out what questions might work well. Prepare in advance and know what you’re going to use for paddles and how you’re going to keep tally. Most importantly, this game is about having fun, so ensure everyone is having a good time!

3 thoughts on “The Mr and Mrs Game: How Well Do You Know Your Spouse-to-be?

  1. They were the best mr and Mrs questions although you need a subtitle sensitive but fun💋💪🏽

  2. They did something very similar to this at a wedding I attended.
    One half of the couple knew so much about the other one, but it could not be said the same about the other half. It was hilarious, and the couple really enjoyed it.

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