Don’t let the romance and beauty of an outdoor wedding be spoiled by Mother Nature’s whims. Erecting a wedding marquee to set the scene for the day will not only prevent your celebration from being ruined by unexpected weather conditions, it can also lend a touch of class to the event that will have your wedding talked about for a long time to come.

What is a Wedding Marquee?

A marquee is usually a large tent that is typically used for the purpose of outdoor entertainment, and a wedding marquee (also known as a wedding tent) is designed specifically for outdoor weddings or receptions.

Usually white, wedding marquees come in all shapes and sizes, from simple pavilions with open sides to extravagant fully-enclosed canvas rooms with built-in windows and doors.

The Benefits of Using a Wedding Marquee

Using a wedding marquee for your ceremony and/or reception ensures that you do not have to go to the expense of having your own home renovated, or paying to hire out a church or reception hall. Unlike renting a church or hall, a marquee can usually be selected to fit your budget without your having to pay for a bigger space than you are going to use.

From back gardens to beaches, wedding marquees can be erected pretty much anywhere you wish. This gives you complete freedom in having your wedding exactly where you want, and allows you to bypass such headaches as transporting guests to and from a hired location, or providing for parking at urban venues. Unlike rented church or other halls, marquees are hired out by the day, not by the hour, so your wedding or reception can go on for as long as you like with no worries about who is next on the list.

Wedding marquees also give you complete flexibility when it comes to decoration. Unlike rented halls where you usually have to contend with the furniture or décor provided, a wedding marquee is the equivalent of a blank palette on which you can paint as simple or as intricate a wedding scenario as you desire; your imagination is truly the only limit.

Creating the Wedding of your Dreams

Once you have selected a location for your wedding and acquired the necessary permits to conduct your ceremony and erect your tent, you will need to choose a suitable marquee. This next stage should be approached with considerable care, for you must take into account the size and condition of the groundspace on which you wish to erect your tent, as well as the number of guests you are looking for it to accommodate.

But you will also need to take into consideration the location and availability of any sanitary facilities. If nearby facilities are cramped, limited or non-existent, you may want to consider portaloo hire to provide relief and comfort for your guests and to make their experience as pleasant as possible.

Once you have taken care of these basics you can get to the fun stuff, like arranging for your marquee’s decorations and lighting, hiring a live wedding band and a DJ and rolling out the dancefloor.

It’s going to be an amazing day; you might as well make it entirely yours by hiring a wedding marquee and ensuring that your wedding celebration has your very own personal stamp and style on it from beginning to end.

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