Hotel Wedding Venues: The Benefits

When it comes to wedding planning there are a number of things to think about. But first things first, you need to decide where you would like to host your special day. There are many different types of wedding venue to choose from, but hotel wedding venues are consistently the most popular choice, and for good reason!

Although bundled into the same category, there are so many different types of hotel in such a wide range of locations.  From traditional to modern and remote to central, you’re sure to find the right option for you.

hotel wedding venues

Often boasting an extensive team of professionals and whole host of facilities, hotels are often a convenient and stress-free wedding venue option. Experts when it comes to hosting weddings, brides and grooms can expect a range of competitive prices too, particularly helpful if you’re on a budget.


Firstly, and perhaps the most obvious benefit of hotel wedding venues is the accommodation that they’re able to offer.

Enabling your guests to relax and enjoy themselves, your loved ones won’t have to worry about driving or booking a taxi home. Not only this, but they’ll all be in one place the next morning. Therefore you can carry on the celebrations the following day! After all, weddings are all about having your nearest and dearest around you.     

hotel wedding venues

You might have guests travelling from far and wide. Having accommodation in the same place is where you are hosting your wedding celebrations is the ultimate convenience. People who are coming from further afield won’t have to worry about any more travelling or arranging their stuff. This is particularly handy if they don’t know the area at all because you won’t need to sort out alternative accommodation for them.

If you’re planning destination wedding readily available accommodation is also great. You won’t have to worry about where everyone is staying – they can all stay with you!

Experienced Wedding Planners

Hotel wedding venues will be extremely familiar with proceedings. In most cases they will have catered for an immeasurable amount of weddings, as a result they’re more than capable to oversee the smooth running of your day.

hotel wedding venues

They can provide guidance and assistance from an in-house wedding team. Consequently this team of experts is usually able to help with everything, from decorations to catering and florists. Ordinarily they will have a dedicated coordinator as a point of contact for you. Meaning you’ll be kept in the loop and have someone to turn to with any questions.

The wedding team are extremely helpful when it comes to on-the-day coordination. They will be there to ensure the day is running without a hitch. Hotels generally have many members of staff on hand, so you won’t have a shortage of people to turn to if assistance is required.


This brings us to our next point; the food! Most high end hotels will usually include award-winning restaurants that can offer a range of wedding dining packages, depending on the number of guests attending and the style of food and presentation you prefer.

hotel wedding venues

There will also be a bar available to you; after all what is a wedding without a good bar? Brides and grooms are usually given the option to set up a tab which can be settled at the end of the evening, or alternatively it can operate as a normal open bar for your guests.

Marriage Licence

It is common for most hotels catering for weddings to hold a marriage licence. Consequently, brides and grooms can hold their ceremony and reception at the same venue. This avoids any loitering or complicated travelling between venues. It also gives you and your guests more time to relax, and maybe take photographs in the gardens!

hotel wedding venues

Furthermore, holding your ceremony and reception at one venue is likely to reduce costs; the cost of your time and money! You don’t have to search around for two spaces, one to host your ceremony and one to host your wedding. It’s likely to be a lot cheaper centralising your wedding day in one location.

Range Of Choice

So many hotels now cater for weddings, as a result there’s a range of styles and sizes to choose from. For example, you could opt for a warm and friendly hotel close to home, or perhaps an extravagant and luxurious venue further afield.

hotel wedding venues

If you have a particular favourite cuisine, choose a venue that has a restaurant specialising in that food. If you love the countryside, pick a manor house hotel nestled in acres of rolling parkland. City centres are bursting with cosmopolitan spaces. If you want to get married in the hustle and bustle of a city, you’re totally spoilt for choice.


Generally speaking, hotel wedding venues can be found in convenient locations. Even out-of-town hotels are fantastic because they’re situated amidst beautiful countryside and picturesque scenery. Providing a perfect location for those wedding photos!

They’ll be decent transport links nearby and if not, they’re likely to have a large car park for all your guests. Practicalities such as this really help with the smooth running of your wedding day.

hotel wedding venues

Experienced at hosting wedding parties, hotel wedding venues will allow couples to decorate the space just as you wish. They’re often neutral in their décor, providing the perfect blank canvas for everyone’s tastes.

More often than not the team will have contacts with a local decoration hire company therefore they can help you source items you might need. The wedding team will often take care of decorating the space for you as well. One less thing to worry about on the big day!

Extra Facilities

Old hands when it comes to hospitality, hotels often have a whole host of extra facilities. From luxurious spas to tranquil indoor or outdoor swimming pools, you can find a venue where you can wind down during the hours leading up to the main event.

hotel wedding venues

Extra facilities are excellent for guests to enjoy. From tennis courts to golf courses and bike hire to city tours, hotels offer a whole host of entertainment options so that you don’t have to worry. This is particularly handy if you have guests who have travelled from afar and are staying for a few days.


Obviously the size available depends on the venue itself. If you want an intimate celebration, a cosy boutique hotel is probably more for you. However, that’s the beauty of hotel wedding venues. They come in every size and you don’t always have to fork out extortionate rates to have a large wedding.

hotel wedding venues

As a result, hotels are a fantastic option if you’re planning a lavish affair. In some cases hotels can accommodate thousands of guests in their large function rooms. So, if you’re planning an extravagant wedding, you’ll struggle to find an option that caters for large quantities of people whilst not breaking the bank.

Room for everyone, help from the experts and great food – just some of the reasons to choose a hotel for your wedding venue. We hope you’ve gained some insight into the benefits of choosing a hotel wedding venue. Find lots of fantastic hotel wedding venues on our website.

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  1. We are planning my sister’s wedding right now. Thank you for explaining that hotel wedding venues offer catering services and experienced wedding planners. I hope this article can help the wedding to pass by smoothly and without any problems.

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