Funny Wedding Videos Roundup – Part Two

Here’s part two of our series on most amusing wedding videos out there. Enjoy!

A thrilling wedding

‘The Man With No Trousers’

OK, this isn’t a genuine groom forgetting his trousers. In fact, it’s a short offering by student filmmaker John Valenti. This surreal and deadpan storyline features a moustachioed groom who battles against personal vanity (or dignity) in the American city of Rochester.

Let’s see what you make of it!

Aerial Acrobatics

Take a look at this wedding video, in which the young ringbearer doesn’t quite make it to the altar. But the ring certainly does! Gandalf beware!

An endurance wedding

Today we’ve come across a wedding from last year’s marathon in New York City. Take a look at the video below!

Every Petal Counts

This adorable little flower girl is getting into the swing of the uncertain economic climate.

“Count the petals and the flowers will take care of themselves!”


We’re featuring another awesome video from Loyd Calomay Films, a fantastic event and wedding filmmaker based over in the States.

Regular readers here may recognise Loyd’s work from another video we posted a while back: Inception Reception. This time around Loyd has found a couple who are into the TV series ‘Chuck’, so Loyd offered to make a short film for their wedding reception.

A bride falling for her groom

Take a look at this wedding video, in which this perfectly-composed bride manages to end up on her bottom.

Have a nice fall!

‘Totez getin married rt now’

We could understand why a guest or two may be texting or updating their Facebook status whilst watching a loved one get married, but the bride herself?!

Some more falling!

We’re finding that fainting during a wedding ceremony is actually quite a common thing. Standing up and still for a great deal of time clearly isn’t great for the human race!

When zombies attack – an engagement shoot

Instead of the usual Friday bill of funny wedding videos, today we’ve found a funny wedding engagement shoot!

What is otherwise set up to be a typical (and beautiful) engagement photography session – shot into the sun in natural surroundings etc – turns into this couple’s worst nightmare, as they have to fight off a rogue zombie!

We will let the pictures do the talking.

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