Funny Wedding Videos Roundup – Part One

We regularly feature amusing wedding videos from around the web that have had us in fits of laughter in the office! We decided we would pick our favourites and share them in a series of posts that are guaranteed to have you chuckling for some time yet…

Funny and touching wedding video

Today we have a great find from Improv Everywhere, a fantastic and innovative theatre company based in New York City. These are the guys that inspired the first ‘flash-mobs’.

Today’s clip is one of Improv Everywhere’s many ‘missions’. This particular mission was to surprise and bring joy to the hearts of one lucky couple outside the City Clerk’s Office in Manhattan. Hundreds of couples come to this building to get married in low-key, legal civil ceremonies every year. So the masterminds at Improv Everywhere decided to treat one of them to a free, miniature wedding reception!

Charlie, who was leading the mission, spotted some small marquees set up in Foley Square. He bartered and haggled with the company that was using them (they were about to shut down for the day) and managed to persuade them to let the theatre company set up under them!

Enough talking – take a look at this touching video yourselves!

Wedding Bloopers!

We’ve grabbed a hilarious and perhaps informative video for you. If you have a few spare minutes, then sit down and enjoy this compilation of wedding bloopers from American wedding videographer Axiom Weddings.

If you want to see old people and cute children fall over, a vastly disproportionate bride and groom and glasses mysteriously breaking, then you’ve come to the right place!


Just to cheer you up on this Friday morning (and perhaps inspire the videography for your wedding), we here at The Wedding Secret have gone and found some more entertaining wedding video antics!

Marryoke, or marriage karaoke, features a hilarious series of clips that usually involve your wedding guests singing along to famous songs. It takes a significant amount of coordination from both your guests and the wedding videographer to successfully pull this off. The more talented videographers (or more mischievous and inventive guests) will encourage people to jump about, play visual tricks in front of the camera, or simply shred out an epic guitar-solo.

This is one of the best simple Marryoke clips we’ve found, courtesy of Orchid Films, who went to the extent of bringing along blow-up air guitars and rock’n’roll wigs. So take a look, and most of all – enjoy!

This funny wedding video is a sizzler!

The bride in this video decided to have a go at holding some flaming drinks (perhaps a wedding tradition of some sort!). She was shocked to see a large moth flying in her direction and dropped all the flaming drinks on her dress.

It would appear that (some) wedding dresses are highly flammable. Watch to see the funny and shocking goings-on as this bride’s wedding dress goes up in flames – with her still in it!

You may now pixellate the bride

Just to quell the pangs of lethargy this Friday, we’ve gone and found another interesting video from the world of weddings.

Today we have a video of a couple being married by a computer. Yes, by a computer. Not just any computer, either. Miguel Hanson and Diana Wesley were married poolside by a computer program called ‘Reverend Bit’ – a big square digital reverend with glasses, who reads out vows and ‘weds’ the couple in this strange manner!

The couple met over the internet, and consequently figured that this would be an appropriate way to get married. But, of course, this is a bit extreme to conform with even American marriage laws – so the couple will be getting legally married later on!

Photographer Locks Equipment in Car!

Take a look at this funny short from Cristina Valdivieso and Jon Connor. It features a rather unlucky wedding photographer, who locks the majority of his equipment inside his car!

There is a happy ending, as he eventually manages to get it open in time to shoot the wedding!



In Mother Russia, Weddings Film You!

Wahoo! It’s another fun Friday, and once again we bring you some hilarity from the wedding world!

Apparently today’s little gem is an old classic that has made its way around the internet. This is a four-minute long video which showcases some of the worst – and thus funniest – post-wedding videography editing skills.

Love fireballs, fake champagne explosions and a game of sparkly pong? That’s what you have to look forward to in this wonderfully tacky yet strangely endearing Russian wedding video!

Zip Line Fail!

Take a look at this little gem from Fail Blog; the latest in our funny wedding videos series!

This couple decided that they wanted a slightly original way of arriving at their wedding reception – but unfortunately the groom couldn’t quite see the gravity of the situation.


Tidal bridal fury

Last week we featured fire, this week we feature water. Take a look at this American wedding, in which the bride and groom’s vows are rudely interrupted by nature itself!

It’s also great how the videographer has three cameras set up, so we can see this event from many angles!

We’re happy that the bride, groom and their families have a sense of humour about the event. They certainly know how to keep calm and carry on!

Inception Reception

We’re bringing you a very special treat, courtesy of Loyd Calomay Films. This is wedding videography like you have never seen before. Prior to the wedding, the videographer, bride and groom organised a rather special present for their guests. They put their creative minds together and created a visual masterpiece.

Fast-forward to the wedding day itself. The ceremony goes off without a hitch, and the expectant wedding party arrives at the reception. But the bride and groom are nowhere to be seen. Cue this film:-

Dancing Queen

Take a look at this hilarious spinning dance move that goes wrong. First of all, this haughty dancer spins his partner’s leg into someone else, then, having been spun for nearly a minute, this lady tries to get onto her feet for an epic finale. Only to find that all the blood has been forced into her legs by the centrifugal gravity!

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