Finding the right bridal jewellery

Finding the right bridal jewellery

Every bride will want to complete her wedding dress with some extra sparkle, but it’s important to choose carefully; as well as acting as an enhancement, unfortunately jewellery also has the potential to overpower an outfit.

It may sound obvious, but make sure you choose your wedding gown before starting the hunt for jewellery; it makes sense to base your gems around your dress rather then the other way around!

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Think carefully about the neckline of your gown before choosing a necklace. Dazzling, elaborate necklaces will work wonderfully well with simple, strapless gowns, yet if teamed with higher or embellished necks they could look far too fussy.

Dress details

As a guiding principle, the simpler your gown, the more detailed and extravagant your jewellery can be! For example, if your dress is already heavily embellished, too many pieces of extravagant jewellery may look a little over the top!

Try and incorporate details of your gown into your jewellery; if you can’t easily find a piece that matches satisfactorily, you could consider hiring the services of a bespoke designer to help you come up with a completely unique, personalised piece.

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Subtle, delicate bracelets look lovely when worn next to short-sleeved, strapless gowns, but you may want to avoid wearing them if your dress features long, embroidered sleeves.


When choosing earrings you will need to consider how you will be wearing your hair on the day. If you have your heart set on a particular up-do, for example, you’ll be able to show off fabulous dazzling gems, whereas if you will be wearing your hair down, you might as well just wear sparkling studs.

Remember, jewellery should be there to complement and enhance your wedding gown, not distract from it!

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