English country garden wedding flowers from The Walled Garden At Mells in Somerset

If you’re looking for an effective way to green up your wedding day, then how better to do it than with beautiful, sustainable flowers from an old-fashioned English country garden?

Nestled in the undulating folds of the Mendip Hills, the picturesque village of Mells is not only centred around Mells Manor – immortalised in the Tudor nursery-rhyme “Little Jack Horner” – but is also home to the enchanting Walled Garden At Mells, where the tradition of the English country flower garden flourishes, providing a plethora of unusual and delightful blooms for wedding bouquets and reception venue decoration.

Every wedding is unique – the flowers change with the seasons

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The Walled Garden At Mells provides flowers for weddings from March to October. As the seasons change from Spring through Summer to Autumn, the flowers blooming in the garden change in a natural succession.

The seasonal variation of the flowers in the garden means that every wedding for which The Walled Garden At Mells provides flowers is a “one-off” experience. No two sets of wedding flowers are exactly the same as each other!

Visit The Walled Garden At Mells for tea to see the flowers growing

Experience the full joy of the English country garden by visiting The Walled Garden At Mells for tea beforehand. You can spend a delightful half-hour or so wandering around the flowerbeds amongst the profusion of blooms.

Whilst enjoying cakes and high tea, you can also meet Joanna and her team and talk through inspiring floral ideas for your upcoming wedding.

Rustic or vintage wedding? The Walled Garden At Mells can fit the flowers to the theme

The Walled Garden At Mells provides a very flexible service. You can choose your own personal level of involvement. If you want to be fully hands-on in organising the decoration of your wedding venue, the requisite consignments of flowers can be delivered for you to arrange yourselves.

If you prefer to sit back and allow the professionals to take over, The Walled Garden At Mells can devise and execute a decorative scheme for your venue, and also provide the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ posies and buttonholes for the wedding party.

Looking for a DIY option? Learn how to arrange your own wedding flowers

If you want to arrange your own wedding flowers, but have no idea quite how to go about it, The Walled Garden School is the place for you.

Wedding Workshops are available from May to July. For a small fee you can spend a day with Joanna and the team, learning all the ins and outs of arranging your wedding flowers. Lunch is provided as part of the deal.

The Walled Garden At Mells offers an excellent green flower option for the environmentally-conscious bride. The infinite variety of shades of English country garden flowers provides a wonderful mixed palate of colours that conjures up the perfect setting for a good old-fashioned English Country Wedding.

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