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First Light Photography

Today we are featuring a highly regarded Scottish wedding photography company called First Light Photography. Experienced photographers Ditte Solgaard and Chris Watt have been in the trade for over ten years, and came together as seasoned story-catchers First Light back in 2006 in order to capture the hearts and stories of marrying couples across Scotland.

“Wonderful reportage photography with lots of personality and elegance…”

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Relaxed, reportage-style photography

Both Ditte and Chris understand that weddings are memorable and beautiful events, and they aim to simply capture the essence of this in a series of tasteful photo-journalistic images. These guys are photographers who really want to get involved with your wedding. Rather than dictating events or ordering your guests around in a military fashion, First Light Photography are keen to seek out the love, beauty, laughter and fun of the day in a non-obtrusive manner.

Add this to an elegant and artistic presentation of the resulting images, and you have a winning recipe for professional, attractive wedding photography that successfully captures a personal and natural perspective of your wedding.

“The photographs are absolutely enchanting and amazing.  Thank you so very much again. The slideshow is just like watching a story unfold.”

The small moments

Weddings are vibrant and exciting events that are packed to the brim with various emotions and goings-on. As the bride or groom, you will find yourself rushed off your feet and overwhelmed on your wedding day. You only need to glance at First Light Photography’s testimonials to see that they can help! Thanks to a keen eye for detail and their uncanny ability to capture the subtle moments, Ditte and Chris will ensure that no moment is missed, and you will be able to relive your wedding day from many perspectives.

“I was unable to attend my friend’s wedding, but your skill in capturing every little detail has put me right there on the day – your energy in being all over the place, and your talent for capturing personal moments between people, especially the bride and groom, is fantastic.”

Where do First Light operate?

Ditte and Chris are based in Edinburgh, but are always keen to travel across the UK and even overseas!

Bridal testimonials

We here at The Wedding Secret are amazed at the quality and emotional language of the reviews that First Light Photography have gained over the last five years, the result of which is that Ditte and Chris have built up a reputation within ever-expanding social and family circles – their customers just keep coming back for more!

“Wow – we love them! We got back from honeymoon last week and your pictures have been a wonderful cushion to soften the blow of coming back to reality. You and Chris are truly amazing photographers and you have captured so many moments and expressions and memories that we will love looking at, and will evoke memories of our wedding day, for the rest of our lives.  Thank you so much.”

“You have been so completely wonderful and the photos are incredible. They made everyone cry all over again and kept both sets of parents going throughout our extremely long honeymoon!
You and Chris have been the most perfect wedding photographers – You have truly captured the day and reminded us of all the little things that we were too bowled over by to notice.”

First Light Photography have been capturing beautiful wedding photographs for over 10 years now. Hire Scottish Wedding Photographers First Light Photography for your wedding, and you won’t miss a moment.

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