DIY Weddings : The Edible Lace Icing Cupcake Technique

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For cake-inspired goodness, read on:-

DIY Edible Lace Icing

We thought we would share this quick and easy tutorial from Carina’s Cupcakes. Have fun, and remember – mistakes still taste good!


Lightly-treated coloured fondant (add 1/4 teaspoon of CMC to 250g fondant)
Sugarflair superwhite
White alcohol
Pearl lustre spray

A patterned mat – this one can be purchased here
A 78mm disc-cutter
A flat-edged, wide-tipped paintbrush
A rolling-pin
A paint palette
Cupcake wrappers

Step 1

Roll out your fondant to around 5mm thickness, and cut a disc with your disc-cutter.

Step 2

Rub the top of your disc with a smear of cornflour to prevent sticking and lay the disc face down on your mat.

Step 3

Using the rolling-pin, starting with your fingertips and a good even pressure, roll from the base to the top in one even movement to allow the fondant to take the impression of the mat.

Step 4

It is very important that you pull the MAT off the FONDANT and not the FONDANT off the MAT!

Step 5

The disc will be slightly mis-shapen, so use the cutter to tidy the disc up.

Step 6

Add a generous blob of buttercream to the centre of your cupcake ensuring none touches the sides, and lay your disc centrally on the blob. Carefully smooth the VERY EDGES of the disc down onto the edges of the case to form a seal.

You need to do this gently so as not to completely smooth out the embossed pattern on the fondant disc!

Step 7

Once complete, your dome will look like this :) (below).

Step 8

Mix up a small amount of white alcohol with some of the superwhite to form a smooth but fairly thick paste; your paintbrush should not be WET but should be COATED in the mixture.

Step 9

Now for the HOLD YOUR BREATH bit! Start applying the superwhite in GENTLE sideways strokes… this bit takes a bit of practice and you will probably SPLODGE a few times before you get it right, but small splodges can be covered with decoration, so don’t panic! :)

Step 10

Work across the entire surface, reloading your brush as necessary, but ensuring you are not OVERLOADING your brush!

Step 11

The image below shows the ideal angle of the brush when applying.

Step 12

Add some prettifications to finish (and cover any splodges). At the end I will explain the final touch to achieve this look.

Step 13

Now cut a second disc, following the steps as described before, but this time lay the disc 3/4 on the mat and 1/4 off.

Step 14

Once even, roll with the rolling-pin from your fingertips.

Step 15

Roll all the way down the length of your hand in one even, firm roll.

Step 16

Gently peel the MAT from the FONDANT disc.

Step 17

Tidy up the edges with the disc-cutter.

Step 18

Repeat the previous steps with the superwhite until covered.

Step 19

Your dome should now look like this! :)


Step 20

Finally strafe with a few bursts of pearl lustre spray and wrap in some pretty cupcake-wrappers to finish the look :) – the quickest, easiest technique you will ever use! :)

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  1. Deborah hughes says:

    Thank you for sharing this info, love the technique you have used with the paste, and brushing of dust for finished effect. Looks amazing. Thanks again much appreciated! Cake fan!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Wow this lools amazing! I love it! Do you think that this technique might also work with marcipan? My family and friends can’t stand fondant but loooove marcipan, so I am always trying to translate fondant techniques for marcipan…
    Anyway this looks so amazing – maybe I can get them to accept fondant if it looks like that…

    • Hi Stefanie,

      Thanks for your question. It should work on Marzipan which is not too dry and is soft enough. The only reason that we could think of for this not working with Marzipan is that Marizpan sets very quickly, so you would have to work quickly from the creation of your Marzipan to the rolling, and hope that the mat can make enough of an impression on the icing. Good luck.

  3. Kate! Kate! Kate! lady after my own heart, I thank you, all the mothers at Church will thank you come mother’s day, this is what I will do for them, God Bless you for sharing this,

  4. Lorraine Best says:

    I am from Australia. Love your work. Where can I get one of those mats and how much are they. Also the other gear for brushing on

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