Choosing A Vintage Wedding Dress

Choosing A Vintage Wedding Dress

As more and more brides are electing to relive the romance of a bygone era in an authentic vintage wedding gown, we thought we’d take a look at what you should consider before making your purchase.

There are several benefits of going down the vintage path. Firstly, as authentic original vintage dresses are few and far between, you will be able to walk up the aisle knowing that no other bride will be wearing your gown – adding another unique touch to your big day. The vintage theme also offers the potential to save you a lot of money – once you have decided upon your preferred style of gown, scour charity shops, auctions and Ebay for a bargain!

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Choosing A Style

Are you planning a wedding theme that revolves around a certain era, and need to find a dress to complement it? Or are you simply happy to wear a style of gown that suits you, no matter which decade it is from?

Either way, from the long, sleek, tight-fitting gowns of the ’20s to the voluminous shorter styles that the ’50s are famed for, it’s best to try on as many dresses as you can until you find the style that best flatters your body shape. Bear in mind, though – the older the gown, the trickier it will be to find!

Research into hairstyles, make-up and jewellery popular in your chosen period; however, try not to let any of these distract too much attention away from your gown.

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Once you have found a gown you really like, unless you are incredibly lucky, it’s more than likely that you will require the skills of a dressmaker to carry out a few alterations in order for it to fit you like a glove. In most cases, this won’t be a problem; however, gowns that are highly-embellished with beads and crystals will inevitably be trickier to alter, and you may run the risk of compromising or even ruining the detailing.

Before purchasing a gown, remember also to check it over very carefully for any stains or rips that you may have to pay to have removed or repaired.

When all is said and done, if you struggle to find the right authentic vintage gown, you could always enlist the services of a bespoke gown designer or dressmaker and ask them to recreate a particular vintage design especially for you.


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