How much does a civil wedding ceremony cost?

Civil ceremony costs If you are intending to book an inclusive ceremony/reception at a licensed wedding venue, many examples that you look at won’t be specific about how much the ceremony itself costs, at least not at first glance. So, whether you’re looking to save money and have an external civil ceremony separate to your […]

Charity Wedding Venues

Get married for a good cause Charity wedding venues are the perfect option for the ethically conscious bride and groom. Essentially, these are venues that donate all their profits to various specific charities. They break even with the costs you pay for, so they can sustain themselves. Charity Wedding Venues are more common than one […]

What if I want my wedding without a reception?

What if I want my wedding without a reception? If you’re not too fussed about hosting a wedding reception or have absolutely no intention of going through the stress of planning one, you’ve come to the right place. Your wedding is yours and your partner’s day, and it can be exactly as you want it.  […]

Can I get married in my garden?

Can I get married in my garden?   Unfortunately, you are unable to legally marry in your garden in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Weddings must take place in a venue that has been given a full and legal marriage licence by the local authority. These usually include churches, stately homes or registry offices.   […]

Historic wedding venue, Norwich : Mediaeval Dragon Hall

Dragon Hall Today we are featuring a very special wedding location. This is a type of venue that we here at The Wedding Secret rarely come across, and one that is incredibly interesting to write about! Dragon Hall is one of those truly stunning, bijou wedding venues of a calibre that only crops up every […]