Iconic Wedding Dresses : Audrey Hepburn

Iconic Wedding Dresses : Audrey Hepburn By 1954, and at the age of 25, Audrey Hepburn was already a film and fashion icon, having recently won an Academy Award for her lead role in Roman Holiday. Despite her young age, Audrey had already been engaged once before in 1952, and described meeting her first fiancé […]

Iconic Wedding Dresses : Elizabeth Taylor – All Eight!

Iconic Wedding Dresses : Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor is an iconic actress of the 1950’s and 1960’s, starring in a multiplicity of critically acclaimed films. She is also very well known as a style icon. Taylor’s private life also received scrutiny from the public, this isn’t surprising as she married eight times. She wore many […]

Style Guide : 1920’s Vintage

Style Guide : 1920’s Vintage Flapper dresses, feather boas and giggle water; we are of course introducing the roaring 20s. This post-war era saw a revolutionary evolution in fashion. Thanks to the Jazz Age following the gloom of war, numerous parties where enjoyed to embrace this new age. The arts, such as music, literature and […]

Iconic wedding dresses : Grace Kelly

Iconic wedding dresses: Grace Kelly Often referred to as the most beautiful bride of our time, American actress Grace Kelly married Rainier III, Crown Prince of Monaco in 1956 to become Grace, Princess of Monaco. Their marriage was dubbed ‘The Wedding of the Century’. The entire population of Monaco were invited to the celebration following […]

Royal Wedding Dresses Of The Past

As anticipation for the latest royal wedding grows, and the likelihood that Kate will reveal anything about her dress in advance looks doubtful, it seems the perfect time to look back at stunning wedding dresses worn by other members of the royal family. The Queen Mother On the 26th of April, 1923, the Queen Mother, […]