Bridal Trousers : For the confident casual bride

Bridal Trousers : For the confident casual bride

Bridal trousers are rarely mentioned on wedding blogs, but they can be a valid choice for confident brides looking to achieve either a high-fashion or casual look on their wedding day.

Take a look at these innovative designs below – what do you think?

I can see how bridal trousers could be a practical choice for informal outdoor or beach weddings prone to a lot of wind, but other than that, I personally think they look a bit odd – especially the ones that seem to be imitating dresses anyway!

If you choose to wear trousers at your wedding, one thing I’m sure of is your bridal outfit will definitely be remembered. You never know, in a few years’ time your grandchildren may be marvelling at their chic and liberated grandmother who wore wedding trousers before everyone else jumped on board!

Why not consider showing your husband who wears the trousers right from the beginning – if you’re brave enough, that is!

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