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Aled Oldfield Photography

Today we feel quite honoured to feature a photographer whose extensive experience in the trade has earned him the title of Grand Master with the internationally-renowned photographic society, the SWPP.

North Wales wedding photographer Aled Oldfield (FSWPP MSWPP GMSWPP) has an impressive number of accolades to his name, but putting all these titles aside, he couldn’t be a more humble and down-to-earth man. With a straightforward yet effective approach to photographing weddings, and a methodical and personable business approach, his company has been proving a big hit with marrying couples for over 30 years.

“In this age of cutting-edge digital photography, overly-dramatic and gimmicky wedding images are becoming the norm… it’s great to see a photographer such as Aled bring us back down to earth, and provide simple, memorable and fantastic wedding stills…”

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A lifetime of photography

Aled and Denise Oldfield photograph weddings and portraits out of their base and studio in Rhuddlan in Denbighshire, North Wales. As always, it’s great to see a husband-and-wife team in action!

Aled and Denise have built up an enviable reputation across North Wales, and enjoy a healthy professional relationship with plenty of local wedding venues. Putting this regional repertoire aside, Aled is one of the most experienced photographers in the country, and has worked all across the UK, through snow, rain, sleet, wind and the worst that our wonderful climate has to offer.

It’s never a good idea to take a chance with your wedding photography, and Aled’s aforementioned experience proves that he can deliver unmissable memories in a professional manner, time and time again.

“Aled, you and Denise are AMAZING; we love our photos but have no clue how to choose which ones to put in the album as they’re all so gorgeous!”

Hayley and Alan

Experience is nothing without personality

If the concept of professional experience appears a little overwhelming, then go for a wedding photographer who is, simply put, a nice person. Fortunately, Aled gets full points in this department, as you can see from his bridal reviews.

Capturing the moment

The very meaning and purpose of wedding photography is to act as a conduit through which to preserve the memories and emotions of this fleeting day. Aled and Denise’s approach revolves entirely around being personal and involved, yet discreet.

Looks, smiles, touches. The little, delicate, elusive moments that disappear very quickly in your minds are what Aled aims to capture. He approaches each and every wedding individually – as indeed it should be – and makes it his top priority to craft a bespoke photographic product; something that you will be more than happy with.

Add to this an apt sense of timing and reliable time-keeping, and you have a winning combination.

“Aled and Denise, thank you so much for all your efforts to capture the feel of our special day. Looking forward to seeing our album.”

Kevin and Nia


This wedding photography veteran has recently been awarded the title of Grand Master by the SWPP, joining only three other photographers from the UK. A truly prestigious accolade, it enhances his title of FSWPP (Fellowship), which itself is another rare award that few photographers are granted.

Value for money

Confronted with this vast experience and range of accolades, you may be expecting a hefty price-tag; but on the contrary, Aled and Denise offer a wide range of price packages which deliver fantastic value for money. Starting from as little as £500 and going through to £1300, there are a multitude of options both for those looking to conserve their budget, and for those wanting to go all out and pay a lavish tribute to the occasion through comprehensive photographic memories of their wedding day.

“Thank you for all your help on our big day. The level of service was excellent and our pictures were amazing – could not recommend you both highly enough.”

Stephen Bresun

It’s not often that we come across a photographer who manages to tick all the boxes. Aided and abetted by his wife Denise, North Wales wedding photographer Aled Oldfield has been shooting happy celebrations across the UK for over 30 years, and their extensive combined experience offers a reliable service in which you can confidently place your trust. Pop by their studio in Rhuddlan, give their website a click, or drop them a line and discuss how you want to capture the precious memories of your wedding day forever.

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