A Roaring Twenties-inspired wedding theme

When looking back through the contrasting decades of the 20th century for inspirational wedding themes, you are immediately struck by the wealth of ideas that spring to mind as soon as you start thinking about the Roaring Twenties, an exciting decade during which almost the entire population of the Western world let their hair down in an age of unparalleled prosperity, at least for some, after the Great War.

The era evokes a unique range of classic imagery that can easily be incorporated into a wedding theme, including iconic flapper dresses for the ladies, pinstripe gangster suits and fedora hats for the men, and a whole host of vintage decorations. However, a Roaring Twenties wedding theme really comes into its own with the possibilities for live music and dancing.

A live band will really help your wedding get into the ‘Jazz Age’

Evoke the spirit of the 1920s with a jazz band

The dawn of the age of recording in the 1920s was the moment when jazz gained a truly international appeal and became popular all around the world. The upbeat, life-affirming sounds of jazz bands playing in dance halls across Great Britain struck a resonant chord with a population looking to have a good time and forget about the privations of the previous decade.

The later superstars of the genre rose to international prominence, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis.

With such an incredible range of music to choose from, a live jazz band can really add to the vintage atmosphere of a 1920s-themed wedding. There are a number of bands who specialise in performing a specific “jazz era” show, but the majority of professional jazz bands will automatically include classic songs from the period in their standard repertoire. Whether playing romantic instrumental tunes as background music during the drinks reception or formal meal, or delivering a more up-tempo dance set to get the evening party going, a live jazz band will give your wedding an authentic ’20s feel.

Try some vintage dances to get people in the party mood

Of course, jazz wasn’t the only musical style popular during the ’20s, and many of the frenetic dance-crazes developed out of the evolving blues-ragtime genre that was to exert such a heavy influence on jazz. You doubtless will have heard of many of the iconic dances, such as the Lindy-hop, Jitterbug, Charleston and the Shimmy. Many jazz bands will be able to include the authentic music for these dances as part of their repertoire, and you could even hire an instructor to teach your guests a few basic steps.

Evoke the glitz and glamour of the Broadway shows

The Broadway shows reached the height of their popularity in the later 1920s, and the timeless music earned an international audience through the burgeoning success of Hollywood musicals, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and the rest. The seductive glitz and glamour of the bright lights enjoyed widespread appeal, and was immortalised in the classy songs of the age that are still regularly performed today.

To bring this vintage glamour to your celebration, hire a jazz band that specifically includes these famous Broadway selections in their repertoire. You may even be able to find a group of musicians who can perform a small-scale Broadway-style musical show to act as a stunning centrepiece to your wedding party.

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A 1920s wedding theme produces a startling range of potential vintage inspiration, not least in the music that characterised the era. Known as the ‘jazz age’, the decade saw an explosion in the popularity of this exciting new musical form – you can keep that spirit alive by hiring a jazz band to provide the entertainment on your big day. To emulate the popular dance-crazes sweeping the globe at the time, why not include a specialist instructor to show your guests a few classic moves, and to evoke the glitz and glamour of the Broadway shows, ask the band to include some hits from the musicals to really add to the authenticity of the party.

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