Wedding Suppliers Planning London Spit Roast
Wedding Suppliers Planning London Spit Roast
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London Spit Roast

London Spit Roast

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London Spit Roast

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  • Catering company based in West London
  • Meat options include pork, lamb, and hog
  • Customisable BBQ menus for your wedding
  • Offering canapés and desserts
  • Vegetarian options available
  • A highly trained, friendly team
  • Use local produce from trusted providers
  • Tables and tableware included in package

Specialising in spit roasts, this catering company aim to prove that the perfect wedding breakfast does not necessarily require a delicate three course sit down meal. Buck all the trends and not only will you have something unique, but also have a lot of happy guests.

Along with expertly made spit roasts and BBQ food, London Spit Roast can offer delicious canapés and beautiful desserts. They also serve a wide range of vegetarian options, including vegetarian kebabs skewers and salads, to ensure they cater for every guests tastes.


London Spit Roast came about with the aim of celebrating man (and woman's) long standing love affair with eating meat. They have gone back in time, bringing back the age-old tradition of roasting animals on a spit, and given it a 21st century twist.

The Food

Naturally, London Spit Roasts big seller is of course, their spit roasts. Less obviously, there are a range of choices to make sure you get the one that's right for you.

Small weddings

For smaller weddings, you can choose between having either pork or lamb (or both) loins, with one loin able to feed up to 20 guests.

Larger weddings

For anyone looking to feed the masses (and impress them while you're at it) getting a full hog roast is the way to go. With a single hog roast able to feed between 100 and 200 guests (depending on the size of the hog), this centre piece more than pays for itself.

Invited more than 200 guests? Get in contact with the team to sort out a bespoke roast. They'll welcome the challenge.

The team can also provide a full BBQ menu to be fully customised by you. They offer canapés suitable for pre-breakfast nibbling, desserts for post breakfast indulging, as well as a wide range of vegetarian options.

The Packages

London spit roast provide three standard packages:

  • Your choice of hog and/or spit roasts
  • Vegetarian food options for up to 15% of the guests
  • Fresh bread rolls and apple sauce for pork options
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Two options from their range of salads

All of the above in the Ruby package plus:

  • Two options from their range of canapés

Everything in the Ruby package plus:

  • Four options from their range of salads
  • Four options from their range of canapés
  • Waiting staff to offer out canapés

You have the option of adding a series of extras to help tailor each package to your wedding day. Extras including deserts, BBQs, and extra waiting staff.

If none of these packages seem to fit the bill exactly, you can get in contact with the team at London Spit Roast to create your own bespoke wedding menu, that's perfect for your special day.

London Spit Roast can service any location in the Greater London area. They can also travel outside of London, for a surcharge of £2 for every mile from the M25

Start stoking the fires and get in touch with London Spit Roast using the contact buttons below and to the side

West Kensington
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