Entertainment Galitsyna Art Group - Sand Animation Show
Entertainment Galitsyna Art Group - Sand Animation Show
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Galitsyna Art Group - Sand Animation Show

Galitsyna Art Group - Sand Animation Show

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Galitsyna Art Group - Sand Animation Show

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  • Spellbinding wedding art entertainment
  • Specialising in Sand Animation Shows
  • Also a remarkable speed painting show
  • Winner of Poland's Got Talent 2013
  • Over 3000 shows in 32 countries
  • Headed by an experienced team
  • Unique form of entertainment
  • Canvas painting of bride and groom
Your Love Story ♥ Thanks To The Parents ♥ Bride and Groom Portrait

Tetiana and her talented team of artists all share one thing in common; a desire and passion for unconventional art and entertainment. When performing at your wedding day, the artists will create a visual masterpiece that is alluring, emotive and absolutely unique to you and your spouse.

The team are incredibly experienced, having performed over 3000 shows in 32 countries. Company owner and director Tetiana Galitsyna won Poland's Got Talent, reaching the hearts of millions of people across the country. Booking Tetiana and her team to perform at your wedding is a sure way to make your special day even more memorable. You and your guests will never forget watching such a beautifully unique show on the biggest day of your life.


Galitsyna Art Group have built up quite the reputation thanks to winning 19 national and seven international competitions. They have carried out over 3,000 art shows in some of the world's most famous venues. Having played in 32 countries, across five continents, Tetiana and the team are professional and extremely talented artists who pride themselves on offering a unique service for your wedding day.

Tetiana Galitsyna is the founder of Galitsyna Art Group. Tetiana rose to fame when she won Poland's Got Talent in 2013. Not only a master of sand art, Tetiana also specialises in light animation, water art, star show and much more.

The visual art team have been exceeding happy couples' expectations since 2009. They constantly practise their artistry to ensure their performances are unforgettable. The team adore their work and the best reward for them is to see lots of lit up faces staring in amazement.


Galitsyna Art Group provide a variety of art forms, from the divine to the sublime!

Your Love Story Painted with Sand

There will not be a dry eye as the talented artist presents your love story live. This truly unique show focuses on the key elements of your relationship, such as your place of meeting, key holidays together, special occasions, romantic moments, your engagement and lastly your wedding. Sand animation is not only theatrical to watch but is also highly emotive as it takes you and your guests through your journey to marriage. The level of detail within the sand animations is unbelievable, created by delicate and precise hand movements from the talented artist.

Thanks to the Parents Painted with Sand

Wedding days provide the perfect opportunity to say thank you to those you love and cherish. If you are looking to do a little more than a thank you bouquet and a mention in the wedding speech, then you should consider a thank you to your parents, painted with sand. This animation focuses on happy childhood memories of both the bride and groom leading them to become the people they are today, starting out on their married lives together. A parent's biggest joy is seeing their children happy so watching you marry the love of your life will be an incredibly special day for them. This once in a lifetime opportunity will ensure that memory is kept alive and they know just how thankful you are to have such wonderful parents.

Light Animation Show

Both of the above animations are also available with light. This offers a more intimate, alluring and mysterious form of art. Ramping up the level of theatrics and using a light animation show performed live on your wedding day will leave your guests speechless.

Below is an example of the light animation show:

Speed Painting Stardust Show

Well, this is quite something! This show is nothing short of spectacular, taking entertainment to the next level and leaving you with an artistic memento of your wedding day.

Speed painting is performed by some of the quickest painters in the world! As the show starts the artist starts drawing the portrait of the bride and groom in front of you and your wedding guests. You will be kept guessing till the last minute as to what the canvas will turn out like which creates a breath-taking atmosphere amongst the party. Once completed with a throw of stardust, or glitter the canvas is transformed into a piece of modern art, with the happy couple taking centre stage. This show truly has the wow factor!

If you don't believe us then have a peek at the video below:

Snow Animation Show

Similar to sand painting, snow animation is an intricate and charming entertainment option. View the video below to see more:

The Process


Due to the unique nature of their art, for each wedding show Galitsyna Art Group will need to discuss the finer details of your big day, what you would like from the show and all other details to ensure they are fully prepared.


Preliminary sketches will be drawn and sent to you for your approval. All of your ideas and wishes are taken into consideration.


The team arrive at your wedding with plenty of time to run a full rehearsal and to ensure the venue is set for a thrilling show.

Please contact Tetiana Galitsyna and the team directly to discuss the associated costs. The team are no strangers to international travel to perform their specialist sand shows and will be delighted to hear from you, no matter where you are located.

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