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Dynamic Fireworks

Dynamic Fireworks

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Dynamic Fireworks

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  • Professional fireworks company in Essex
  • Located in Colchester near the A12
  • Spectacular, innovative firework displays
  • Crews travel to present shows nationwide
  • Qualified to BPA Firer or Senior Firer Level
  • Fireworks for venues with strict guidelines
  • Over 25 years' display team experience
  • DIY and low-noise fireworks also available
  • Graduated wedding packages from £695

Dynamic Fireworks provides special pyrotechnical displays at weddings where you can 'experience the difference'. The crew are all industry experts, each qualified to Senior Firer Level, meaning you are in safe hands. Located within the historic Essex town of Colchester, near the A12, the Dynamic Fireworks team travel extensively to deliver innovative, awe-inspiring displays nationwide.

They offer the highest-quality consumer fireworks available, ranging from sparklers through single-ignition multi-shot fireworks to complete choreographed display packages; they can provide whatever you want to help add that extra sparkle to your wedding. Take a little peek at the Gallery below to get some idea of their range of capability; better still, visit their showroom in Colchester.


Dynamic Fireworks is based at Peartree Business Centre in Colchester, which is the largest settlement in Essex. They opened in 1988, and are members of The British Pyrotechnists Association, The Fireworks Association and CBI Explosives Industry Group.

The MD travels to China every year to design and choose the fireworks personally. Dynamic Fireworks have put on displays for a range of events, including BBC Children In Need, BMW, London Festival Orchestra, RAF Lakenheath (Feltwell) and London Eye.

Dynamic Fireworks use the latest digital firing technology and their many years of experience and expertise to create stunningly bright displays, whilst always having spectator safety in mind. For wedding receptions, they recommend displays of 6-7 minutes to create the desired 'WOW' factor, but as it can all be tailored to your preferences and venue specifications, this is just a guide.

Fireworks Packages

Dynamic Fireworks present a graduated range of packages that can be specifically adapted to you and your wedding day. They efficiently stage displays for the enjoyment of all, which adds that extra special touch to the celebrations. Below is a brief outline of each of the package displays, any of which can be bespoke-created for your big day, tailored to your venue for that one night.

Wedding Serenade
  • Grand finale to your wedding
  • Colourful fireworks that light up the sky
  • Two 'heart' aerial shells free with this package!
  • Price - £695 (RRP £895)
Wedding Bouquet
  • The 'WOW' factor
  • Stunning aerial bursts and barrages
  • Price - £995 (RRP £1245)
Wedding Celebration
  • Breathtaking display
  • Roman candles, volleys of aerial shells, large barrage bursts
  • Price - £1295 (RRP £1595)
Wedding Royale
  • 'The Ultimate Wedding Display'
  • A bespoke display designed specifically for you
  • Price - £1995 (RRP £2395)
Driveway Rain
  • A unique way to end your wedding
  • Make a firework-lined Grand Exit
  • Prices starting from £695
Spectacular First Dance
  • Fabulous First Dance fireworks
  • Add glamour to these romantic moments with this display
  • Prices starting from £995
Whisper Wedding Serenade
  • Low-noise display
  • Specially-designed effects
  • Unique colour sequences
  • Price - £695 (RRP £895)
Whisper Wedding Bouquet
  • Magical colour, lights and fireworks
  • Low-noise but intense display
  • Price - £995 (RRP £1245)
Whisper Wedding Celebration
  • Low-noise but with the 'WOW' factor
  • Price - £1295 (RRP £1595)


Dynamic Fireworks display teams are exclusively staffed by fully-trained industry professionals, and the company maintains full public and product liability insurance for up to £10 million. In addition, all their pyrotechnicians are qualified to Senior Firer Level and Firer Level of the British Pyrotechnics Association's Fireworks Training Scheme, meaning you will certainly be in safe hands.

Dynamic Fireworks also respect the venues and/or places they work at, so include clear-up time as part of your display package, so you don't have to worry. Furthermore, their 'Whisper' packages are low-noise, which may be required for some venues either for environmental reasons or due to close neighbours. They can also create custom low-noise displays to suit all types of budget.

DIY Fireworks

You can purchase fireworks from Dynamic Fireworks' online shop, where you will find many special offers and discounts. This is the 'do it yourself' option that allows you to buy sparklers, fountains and barrages to light up your special night. You can also find all the extra information needed, such as noise levels and safety distances, so that you, your display and guests are all kept safe.

If you want to add that extra special touch to your big day, contact Dynamic Fireworks using their details listed below.

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