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Entertainment Distant Thunder Fireworks
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Distant Thunder Fireworks

Distant Thunder

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Distant Thunder

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  • Stunning array of fireworks available
  • Customised displays by arrangement
  • Display set-up, packdown and clear-up included
  • Good relationship with many venues in the South West
  • Can match your fireworks to your colour scheme
  • Fully insured with a strict health and safety protocol

Distant Thunder have been providing a kaleidoscope of pyrotechnical illuminations for marrying couples, businesses and events throughout the South West – indeed the entire UK – for over five years now. Proprietor and firework display entrepreneur Trevor Whichell started helping brides celebrate their weddings with a bang in 2007.

Choose from a range of pre-set package tableaux, or just give Trevor a few of your ideas and help create your very own bespoke wedding firework display. Select from Distant Thunder's impressive pyrotechnic arsenal, fashion a grand firework finale!

Get in touch with Trevor Whichell either by revealing and dialling the telephone number above, or by simply clicking on the 'Email this business' button.


Distant Thunder was established back in 2007 by fully-trained master pyrotechnician Trevor Whichell. Originally conceived as part of a belated attempt to satiate a simple unrequited desire to set off fireworks, his company has since been providing dazzling displays for brides and grooms, corporations and even football clubs across the UK.

Trevor's paramount mission is to showcase beautiful visual displays without utterly compromising your wallet, and at all times to maintain the health and safety of those watching. Distant Thunder will in fact work very closely with you, your venue and their designated space, to create and manage the best and safest fireworks experience.

The Fireworks

Graceful, multicoloured Roman candles, dazzling sparkling star-shells and bombette stars, huge chrysanthemum bursts, crackling comets, buzzing bees, webs of golden filigree stars and colossal 200mm star canopy shells: these are just a few examples of the wondrous selection of fireworks that Distant Thunder have at their disposal.


To make things easier, Distant Thunder present four distinct packages, progressive both in their duration and in their spectacular nature depending on their relative cost.

Custom Displays

If you visualise yourself as something of a pyromaniac, Distant Thunder also offers you the option to customise the above packages. Perhaps you'd like your fireworks to match your colour scheme, or maybe you would even like you and your partner's names spelled out in the sky during the display? Or you might simply prefer specific types of firework to be featured? These are all certain can-dos with Distant Thunder.

The Service

There's simply no substitute for a fully-coordinated fireworks display. Some couples may think that they can satisfactorily create their own display if they purchased some pyrotechnic equipment themselves, but nothing can beat the convenience and even cost-effectiveness of experienced firework technicians providing the service for you.

By dealing professionally with health and safety issues, buying fireworks in bulk from reliable, well-known suppliers, then coordinating the most effective display possible, Distant Thunder are consummately able to surpass any DIY display by far. Besides which, much larger display-standard Category 3 and 4 fireworks, of which Distant Thunder has an enviable stock, are available only to trained professionals!

Distant Thunder provides an all-inclusive setup and packdown. You won't have any worries about your reception venue, or the land where you are hosting your wedding, being damaged or littered. Distant Thunder will visit your venue/site in person and assess your needs individually, which involves liaising with the venue management to ensure that your planned wedding fireworks will not be in breach of any health and safety regulations or local byelaws.

This necessarily includes public liability insurance of up to £5million.

Get in touch for more information by clicking on the 'Email' button below and to the side.


  • Heather Starinovich - 11 September 2014

    Very professional to work with. As a wedding photographer I can honestly say that I have had the privilege of photographing a few of Trevors displays. Highly recommend.

  • Katrina Culbert - 21 October 2014

    Absolutely amazing fireworks display for our wedding day - an absolute pleasure working with - made everything so simple! Really made our day, thank you so much Trevor!!! Wish you all the very best

  • Arabella

    We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for the absolutely brilliant job you did. I cannot tell you the amount of people that have said how brilliant the display was and it has also been said by a lot of our guests that it was the best private firework display that they have seen.

  • Tracy Doughty

    DT stock a good range of fireworks and the staff are very knowledgeable about what they do, don't waste your money in supermarkets people, for the same money you'll get quality fireworks with cracking effects, not over priced sparklers!!! Go see them!

  • Teresa and Sean Taylor

    I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much! We literally couldn’t have been happier, and all our guests were also delighted with the sheer volume and quality of the display.

    I also wanted to say thank you for meeting with me in advance of the wedding to discuss our requirements – it worked because the display exceeded all my expectations.

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