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Entertainment Darren Campbell
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Darren Campbell

Darren Campbell

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Darren Campbell

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  • Engrossing close-up magician based in Bristol
  • Fascinating aerial card-play
  • Variety of tricks to entertain wedding guests
  • 10-45 minute cabaret-style act also available
  • Unobtrusive, table-by-table, group-by-group approach
  • Confident, friendly, fresh and young!

There are many moments in the average wedding which would greatly benefit from a little entertainment. Bristol-based magician Darren Campbell has been delighting the wedding guests of brides and grooms across the South West region and beyond for several years now, and his deft sleight-of-hand has left many audiences talking about his act for months to come.

Have your guests laughing, staring wide-eyed in awe and gasping in disbelief at the range of tricks and creative twists that Darren has up his sleeve. Wedding days can be exciting, wonderful occasions, but naturally, there will be moments that require a little lightening up for some guests. Darren can help bridge the gaps in between the main events of the day with his confident and sophisticated approach. Take a look at some fantastic videos below, or contact him directly to find out more.

Darren urges you to get in touch to discuss making your wedding a truly magical experience! Just reveal and dial the telephone number above or click on the 'Email this business' button.


Having grown up in the bustling, non-stop environment of a family restaurant, Darren has had a lifetime of experience in dealing with the public. This, combined with his own very first encounter with professional magicians, set him on the long road toward discovering magic as an art form.

His unfaltering confidence and ability to approach any social situation, along with his dedicated and professional attitude towards entertaining through the medium of magic, not to mention some cracking reviews, has made him a very popular choice for weddings and other events throughout the South West and the rest of the UK.

As a member both of The Magic Circle, the internationally-respected 100-year-old society of magicians, and of Equity, the UK's leading association for theatre and the performing arts, he is more than qualified for the job!


Darren's approach, which is defined as 'Close-up Magic' in the trade, is quite perfect for weddings. Dispense with the classic misconceptions of children's entertainment and clowns, or the older vein of stage magicians who would place themselves at the centre of attention. Darren casually, unobtrusively and confidently strolls around and mingles with your guests during many stages of the wedding day, and has the ability to add that extra kick, that extra element of excitement and wonder to the celebrations.

Times Of The Day

If you have asked or hired a photographer to take a number of individual and group portraits during your wedding, this can potentially be a time-consuming task, during which certain guests might be left somewhat at a loose end. This presents an ideal opportunity for Darren to step in and have your uninvolved guests staring wide-eyed in amazement, or clutching their sides in laughter. The same applies to a typical post-ceremony drinks and canapés reception.

Not wishing in any way to interrupt the necessarily important ritual of eating, Darren is nevertheless able to participate in the formal wedding breakfast in between courses in order to keep your guests' appetites primed with more magic.

Roll on the celebrations of the night, and many of your evening guests will be arriving. Darren can greatly help them in breaking the ice with a little dose of close-up magic.

The Magic

Darren's repertoire should at the very least be described as a dazzling visual display. His excellent card skills, in which he is able to make cards appear to glide unbidden effortlessly through the air, bouncing and tapping them with ultimate precision as they go, make for a wonderful spectacle. Make sure you check out his '60 Seconds With A Deck Of Cards' clip on our video page!

A variety of rings, watches, wallets, balloons and coins - all simple everyday objects that Darren manipulates and has thereby developed his very own spellbinding myriad repertoire of acts, trompe l'oeils and tricks.

Although, if you are looking for a main showcase performance, say after your formal dinner is over, then Darren's Cabaret Act would be perfect, lasting by arrangement anywhere between 10 to 45 minutes.

Darren is far from being a 'one-trick pony'. Always looking to improve and extend the boundaries of his repertoire and act, no performance at two separate events is ever the same. He is continually looking for new magic to add to his skill-set.

Honey, What About The Kids?

Although Darren doesn't attend children's parties, he does come equipped with a few acts suitable for the enjoyment of youngsters and parents alike, so that they also can partake in the mesmerising fun of the magic.

For more information why not click the buttons below to get in touch or to head on over to their website?


  • Jamie and Rachael

    Thank you so much for your performance at our wedding at Old Down Manor, all our guests commented on how amazing you were. A perfect choice of entertainment during our drinks reception, so we could sneak off and take pictures.

    We cannot recommend you highly enough and will be sure to do so, although we are certain that many of our soon to be married guests may be in touch shortly!

  • Karen

    We are so glad we hired Darren as an extra surprise for our daughter and son-in-law at their wedding last month. He proved to be the perfect ice-breaker for all the guests arriving for the evening. Darren’s blend of magic and charm enthralled everyone. We kept hearing eruptions of laughter and applause rippling around the room . A month later everyone is still talking about him and wondering how he pulled off such amazing tricks up close. Many of our guests commented on how he came back to their table and remembered everyone’s names as if they were old friends. I’ve never seen anyone put people at ease and make them feel included as effortlessly as Darren does. That’s a special kind of magic on its own! Darren, you are a brilliant magician and a first class entertainer – incredible value for money! We’ll definitely be hiring you again..and again.. for any event we can.

  • Wesley & Lisa

    Darren recently performed his magic at our wedding. It was a total surprise to me as it was a wedding gift from my wife. I couldn’t have asked for more from a performer, he was fun, funny and his magic blew me and my guests away!

    He gains a real rapport with the crowd or an individual and involves them in the trick. We have had nothing but great reports regarding Darren’s performances at our wedding. For a wedding environment it was the perfect way to get people mingling and having fun. To this day it is still one of the first things people talk about when we see them.

    I wish him nothing but success and am sure we will be seeing more and more of him in the future, I cannot recommend him highly enough! Thank you Darren.

  • Accolade Wines

    Now that we have recovered from such a good night I wanted to thank you for such a fabulous evening on Saturday. The feedback we’ve received from the attendees has been overwhelming. The whole evening was extremely well organised, the venue looked amazing and the entertainment was first class. Thank you so much and no doubt we will work together in the future.

  • Albert & Joan

    You were absolutely amazing, and without doubt some of the best money we spent on our wedding. You really have a talent and are so good with people. Pretty much every person at our wedding told us how much they enjoyed having you there to entertain them. And from what I saw they were in total amazement.

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