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Cornish Gardens Confetti Company

Cornish Gardens Confetti Company

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Cornish Gardens Confetti Company

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  • Cornwall based confetti company
  • Provides beautiful natural confetti
  • Biodegradable and venue friendly
  • Confetti made of naturally coloured petals
  • Roses, hydrangeas and cornflowers used
  • Can be sent across the UK

To add romance, fun and a touch of natural beauty to your wedding photos, Cornish Gardens Confetti Company is the perfect addition to your big day.

The confetti is made using natural petals and hues, each lovingly grown in the garden of founder, Fiona Purvis and can be purchased by the handful or by the litre.


Cornish Garden Confetti Company was first conceived when Fiona Purvis decided to combine her two true loves; weddings and flowers. One of the most iconic moments of a wedding is the throwing of confetti over the bride and groom as they exit the venue.

Unfortunately this practice has been restricted, guests are no longer permitted to throw rice and many venues have banned confetti for being too messy. Fortunately the Cornish Gardens Confetti Company provides beautiful, natural confetti - biodegradable and venue friendly, leaving you nothing to worry about.

Every individual petal is lovingly hand grown in Fiona's own garden, before being dried and packaged giving each sachet of confetti a personal touch.

The Confetti

Each package of confetti is made from a romantic mixture of roses, hydrangeas and cornflowers - flowers that represent love, heartfelt emotion, prosperity and fortune.

The petals are all natural colours, creating a range of interesting individual hues and are handpicked and then dried in the sun. This makes the confetti perfect for a vintage or rustic themed wedding, plus the natural, biodegradable and venue-friendly nature of the petals make them perfect for anyone who is environmentally conscious.

Each packet of confetti is made using a high quality vellum paper and stamped with the Cornish Gardens Confetti Company and a unique well-wish. The sachets are perfectly sized to fit in any purse, pocket or bag without the risk of collapse or spillage.


Cornish Garden Confetti Company offers a range of options, for all your confetti needs:

Option 1 - £1.50 per sachet

A perfect way to surprise your guests with a small sachet each, this option provides a small packet of confetti with approximately a handful of confetti inside.

Option 2 - £3.00 per sachet

Ideal for anyone looking to bring their own confetti to the event, this option provides two small handfuls of confetti in one of the Cornish Gardens Confetti Company's distinctive vellum packages.

Option 3 - £13.50

Definitely suitable for brides looking for bigger and better, this option offers a full litre of confetti, approximately twenty handfuls to throw.

If you're interested why not get in touch? All you need to do is click below to access the Cornish Gardens Confetti Company's contact information.


  • Satisfied Customer

    Not only is the confetti absolutely gorgeous but CGCC grow the flowers themselves too, so you know exactly where all of your confetti is coming from - and it's local to Cornwall! Wonderful! You can also purchase it in pretty little pocket-sized (or purse-sized!) packages! Perfect for carrying around at a wedding.

  • Mevagissey Marriage

    I got married last month in Mevagissey and ordered 2 litres of confetti for our wedding. From my initial enquiry to delivery, the service from Fiona was first class. She was able to advise on the quantity, storage etc. The petals were stunning and really added something special to the photos - thanks so much for a fantastic product and service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cornish Gardens Confetti Company.

  • Happy Bride

    We ordered some confetti last year for our wedding. All my questions were answered quickly and concisely. The service was second to none. The confetti was beautiful and arrived with plenty of time before the wedding. I've recommended you to my sister too! Thank you!

  • Proud Daughter

    Earlier this year for my mother's wedding, I purchased enough packets of the Cornish Garden Confetti to give to each lady who attended. When they arrived the presentation was just gorgeous. I was delighted to see that not only could I fit one packet in my clutch handbag with ease, but in fact all the packets so I could give them out as a surprise to the guests before the ceremony. This gave me an opportunity to welcome everyone as well as giving them something a little bit special. The amount of confetti in each packet was just perfect, they were neither drowned nor sprinkled on! I would recommend this company to anyone whether part of the wedding party or not. A true understanding of wedding fun and beauty!

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