Entertainment Chris Piercy Magician and Hypnotist
Entertainment Chris Piercy Magician and Hypnotist
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Chris Piercy Magician and Hypnotist

Chris Piercy Magician and Hypnotist

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Chris Piercy Magician and Hypnotist

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  • Close-up magician and hypnotist
  • Based in Dorset, willing to travel
  • Respected, professional close-up magician
  • Card-carrying Equity member
  • Great icebreaker for wedding guests
  • Jaw-dropping tricks, great talking-point
  • Eases the lull between ceremony and reception
  • Mind-reading and optional hypnosis

Based in Dorset, magician and hypnotist Chris Piercy can genuinely puzzle people by performing some amazing tricks. How about signing a playing card, finding it folded up underneath your watch seconds later, then realising that your watch is on Chris' wrist!

Professionally involved in presentating magic and hypnotism for five years, Chris has plenty of experience in providing an exciting talking point for your guests – excellent if they've never met before - and they'll spend hours trying to figure out how he does it.

To add a little extra magic to your wedding celebrations, get in contact with Chris by pressing the 'Email this business' button above and giving him a call.


Chris' love for magic started around age 10 when he stole his sister's magic book and began learning simple tricks. Thoroughly hooked, after that he went on to develop his knowledge and skills sufficiently to set up his own professional business in performing magic around five years ago, adding hypnosis into the mixture a couple of years later.

Completely self-taught, Chris focuses on 'reading' a group of people and adapting his repertoire to what his audience will like best. He's also a fully-trained hypnotherapist!


Chris is primarily focused on not being a 'performer' so to speak. He works with close up magic, puzzling people in a cool, contemporary style – you'll find no coin-behind-the-ear tricks, only genuine amazement!

Perfect for stag and hen parties, for wedding breakfast entertainment, or to ease the inevitable photographic lull between ceremony and reception, Chris can provide a real icebreaker and a talking-point for your guests.

Chris Piercy performs a range of magic throughout your celebrations, knowing just what sort of magic the different parts of the day needs. What you can expect at your wedding day:

Drinks reception - Here Chris will break the ice with new friends and family with clever close-up magic. This will maintain the excitement from the ceremony and set the tone for the remaining celebrations.

Wedding Breakfast - Chris will get conversations flowing with ingenious tricks whilst you are waiting for your delicious food. Here, Chris will communicate with your catering team to ensure there are no clashes or interruptions to the actual eating of your food.

Transitions and evening entertainment - There is one thing you don't want at your wedding and that is bored guests, to avoid this, Chris can keep everyone entertained while you go take those all-important wedding photographs or if your reception space needs to transform into a dance floor.

Finally, for the reluctant dancers or those seeking more magic, Chris can perform tricks, mind-reading and optional hypnosis for an unforgettable evening of entertainment.


Often misunderstood, Chris' brand of hypnosis won't embarrass you or your guests. It involves being gently persuaded into a state of mind where you are much more open to suggestion than normally - but although you're not the one in control, don't worry!

To have your guests completely unable to move a designated limb for a while, or to be unshakably convinced that their right shoe is now a phone, get in contact with Chris using the contact buttons below and to the right!


  • Jody and Lynne

    We had never met a real life wizard until we booked Chris for our wedding! Both ourselves and our guests were blown away by how amazing the magic was, it really kicked off our celebrations well, everyone is still talking about him now! We cannot recommend Chris highly enough we now need to arrange another opportunity to book him again!!

  • Tara

    Wow, wow and wow! Chris added to my daughter and son in law’s amazing wedding day. What a lovely guy, he amazed us all. I would 100% recommend Chris coming to any wedding or party!

  • Isabella

    Chris, you made our wedding what it was! You are worth every penny and we are so grateful for what you brought to the day! Everyone is still talking about you! Thank you so so much! I couldn’t recommend you more, you hero! X

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