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Bravo Singing Waiters
  • Professional singers with over 12 years' experience
  • Several styles available including swing, pop and opera
  • Singing waiters, firemen, etc.
  • Competitive rates
  • Will travel to weddings nationwide
  • See exclusive special offer below

Are you hoping to plan a wedding with a twist? Do you want a reception that will be talked about for years to come? Bravo Singing Waiters provide unexpected musical entertainment at weddings nationwide. While your unsuspecting guests are enjoying their meal, the Bravo Singing Waiters will be ready and waiting to burst into song!

From pop songs to show tunes and even operatic arias, Bravo Singing Waiters have an extensive repertoire that covers many different genres. If you'd prefer to have your surprise singers perform during the ceremony, as in the famous film Love Actually, Bravo can re-create this iconic scene. Singing firemen, police officers, chefs and security guards are also available!

The Singing Waiters

Bravo Singing Waiters can perform songs in many different styles, giving you plenty of choice for your big day.

Popular Waiters: pop and standard songs

Swinging Waiters: swing music

Opera Waiters: operatic arias and duets

Bravo Broadway: popular show tunes

Gatsby Singing Waiters: songs of the roaring 1920s

These singing waiters will be dressed in the same clothing as the hotel's staff. During the dessert course, they will blend in amongst the other waiters until music begins to play. The singing starts with one waiter, then more join in until all professional singers have revealed themselves.

The waiters will encourage your guests to join in and can perform an additional cabaret of songs after their initial 'surprise reveal' set. The Gatsby singers will even change into 1920s style clothing and bring along dancers for this second performance (at an additional cost).

  • Initial set lasts for about 25-30 minutes
  • A second cabaret of songs available

Other Services

Love Actually

Have you ever seen the famous Love Actually wedding? As the bride and groom turn to walk down the aisle, singers and musicians pop up one-by-one from amongst the guests, playing and singing 'All you Need is Love'!

The singing waiters can re-create this scene at your wedding ceremony by pretending to be guests! You need not stick exactly to the film, as the Bravo singers can perform several different songs. If you prefer, they can also re-create this scene during your reception.

Singing Firemen, Police Officers, Chefs, Security Guards

Rather than performing as waiters, Bravo can arrange for singers to enter your wedding reception as firemen or police officers. A fire alarm will sound, after which a group of firemen will burst into the room, before bursting into song! Alternatively, a fake arrest can take place by a police offer who will soon have you and your guests singing and dancing.

When the chef comes into the room to personally check that everything is to your taste, your guests won't suspect a thing until s/he begins singing. Finally, your singers could dress as security guards who'll make an announcement about a guest needing to move their car, before singing some well-loved tunes!

Special Offer

Mention The Wedding Secret when booking and receive a 10% discount.

For more information, or to book Bravo Singing Waiters for your wedding, please get in touch using the contact options at the top or bottom of this page.


  • Jayne - 10/2015

    I had heard Bravo singing waiters were fantastic but I honestly cannot thank the waiters enough for their performance. As people have said before me, they really did make the wedding day extra special, the bride and groom were thrilled to bits!!

    Once again, thanks for everything, a better day we couldn't have asked for.

  • Jane - 07/2016

    Well, what can I say? You promised you would get the party started and you did so in fine style. I have had so many lovely comments about your performance and there is no doubt you made the evening really memorable for everyone, especially Harry. Many thanks to you Claire and Robbie. We had a wonderful night due in no small way to you all.

  • Julie and Derek - 07/2016

    Wow - What an inspiration it was to book you guys.

    Following a lovely meal and speeches, when everyone was starting to feel a little fatigued, and 'what do we do next', your 'intervention' turned a potential quiet lull period, into a party. One comment we overheard was: "Kat, you certainly know how to get a party started, can't wait for the rest of the evening" - you guys inspired that excitement, which was exactly what we wanted to achieve.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your professionalism, your fun and your infectious enthusiasm - it was an awesome performance, and it was all and more that we hoped it would be.

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