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Blagdon Horse Drawn Carriages
  • Utterly stunning vintage black carriages with gorgeous jet-black Friesian horses
  • Fully-qualified team of driver and footman to transport you to and from your venue
  • Chauffeurs adorned with traditional black coats and top hats
  • Silver and white ribbons can be changed to match your colour scheme if preferred
  • Able to cover a distance of seven miles per day, depending on the terrain
  • Get in touch for a bespoke quotation

Blagdon Horse Drawn Carriages are a fully-capable and fully-qualified outfit based in Blagdon, a few miles south of Bristol. With many years of experience under their belt, this family-run business will go out of their way to make their wedding couples feel supremely comfortable, and allow them to travel to and between their venues in unmistakeable luxury and style.

Wedding cars without doubt present a perfectly acceptable and adequate means of transport on your big day, but nothing beats the experience of a horse and carriage. With the typical wedding day consisting of a fairly fast and furious series of events, a leisurely trip in a horse and carriage will enable you to take time out, make the most of your journey and truly appreciate the tranquillity of a slower pace.

Get in touch with Nicky to find out more, and even book a complimentary viewing. Just click the 'Email this business' button above, or reveal their telephone number and give them a call.


It's funny how tradition comes back around. Go back 100 years and you will find that most brides arrived at their wedding via a horse and carriage (in fact, most people got around on a horse and carriage full stop!) Even back then, it was something reserved for the well-to-do, or as a special occasion for the less wealthy.

Today, only a select few organisations still operate horse and carriage services, and we've taken the time to pick out one of the South West's finest.

Blagdon Horse Drawn Carriages was created by husband-and-wife team Mike and Nicky Lyons, along with two of their fully-trained and qualified daughters.

Mike, Nicky and eldest daughter Becky have all received qualifications through the British Driving Society, and are thus fully licensed to operate a horse and carriage on public highways. The family also proudly bear their own 'Transportation/Grooms Attendance' Certificates.

The Carriages

Each and every vehicle that Blagdon Horse Drawn Carriages use is immaculately and painstakingly prepared and maintained. In fact, it takes over twelve hours for the carriage, its horses and their chauffeurs to prepare themselves for a day of work.

Blagdon Horse Drawn Carriages' flagship vehicle is their Glass-Fronted Landau, a truly splendid all-weather carriage. This jet-black coach commands a great deal of presence and charisma, and its fascinating roof and windows can be configured in four different manners, depending on the weather and your personal preferences.

The company also boasts a fine Wooden Wagonette, which is ideal for fair weather, or if you want to hire more than one horse and carriage so that your bridesmaids or other family members can join your bridal procession.

The carriages are all decorated with white and silver ribbons as standard, but the alternative option to match these with your colour scheme is also easily possible.

The Horses

Blagdon Horse Drawn Carriages have six handsome jet-black Friesian horses, a breed justly renowned for their convenient combination of beauty, agility, power and equable temperament. These black beauties are fully capable of dealing with any traffic conditions, and come adorned with elegant white plumes. They will fetch you to, between and from your wedding venues with the utmost comfort, grace and style.


Blagdon Horse Drawn Carriages provide vehicles with the services of a driver and a footman, and this genteel team's priority is your absolute comfort throughout your wedding-day transport experience. Traditionally, the footman walks alongside your carriage as you approach important parts of the journey (eg your arrival or departure from your ceremony venue), ready at all times to help you up or down from a height.

Your chauffeurs are fully-trained, qualified drivers who are presented in tailor-made coachman-style uniforms and top hats, ensuring a truly authentic experience.

Travel Distance

The horses and their carriages are able to travel a distance of up to seven miles per day, but this depends on the terrain involved (the flatter the better!). With this in mind, Blagdon Horse Drawn Carriages will be quite happy to make special arrangements to meet up with motorised vehicles, or rendezvous with your booked wedding car.

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