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  • Range of exciting bouncy castles for kids and adults
  • Selection of inflatable game arenas
  • Sumo-suits and arena available
  • Morph-suits
  • Two-man zorbs and individual body-zorbs
  • Rodeo Bull and other rodeo attachments
  • Great for Hen and Stag activities
  • Delivery, set-up and packdown included in hire price

Whether you need to keep the kids busy, keep the bigger kids (eg your new partner...) entertained during your wedding's evening reception, or are simply looking around for some fantastic Hen and Stag ideas, Bristol's Biff-n-Bash should be your first stop!

In terms of inflatable entertainment equipment, Biff-n-Bash cover absolutely all of the bases, everything from simple bouncy castles for the kids to more complicated adult adventure apparatus. This company's range doesn't stop there. Launch yourselves around on the hilarious Grand National Space-Hopper Circuit, sweat it out on the two-player 'Eliminator', fumble up the Gorilla Climbing Wall, hurtle across a field in huge two-man Zorbs or in smaller, individual-sized Zorb-suits, and much more besides!

Bouncy Castles

Biff-n-Bash provide a diverse range of bouncy castles. If you are looking to entertain the children, their inflatable range starts at a simple yet effective 12ft x 15ft Castle.

The selection then moves on to the likes of:-

  • The colourful Spongebob Squarepants Bouncer
  • An 18ft x18ft Slide and Tunnel Adventure Castle
  • The Obstacle Slide Bouncer
  • A 9ft x 9ft Box Castle and Ball Pool
  • The 17ft x 19ft Giant Clown Castle
  • And finally, the 20ft x 15ft Disco Dome

Inflatable Games

Inject hilarity, merriment and fun into your event with Biff-n-Bash's inflatable games.

The Grand National Space-Hopper Circuit is an inflatable steeplechase horse-racing course in miniature, complete with the jumps and other obstacles. Race your fellow-Stags or Hens around and have side-splitting fun!

The Gorilla Climbing Wall is an inflatable assault course that will have you launching yourselves through entry holes and climbing up reinforced ropes. It's relay-race time!

The Eliminator is an excellent game in which two people are attached by a bungee-rope and must stick Velcro pads at the opposite end of the inflatable. Amazing fun!

Further ideas and games that Biff-n-Bash have in their locker are the themed Sumo-suits and inflatable arena, the multi-lane bungee run, the gladiator pole-joust and various slides. Contact Biff-n-Bash by clicking the 'Make An Enquiry' button above.

Morph-Suit Hire

In a concerted attempt to make your Hen or Stag entertainment even more enjoyable, Biff-n-Bash can also supply full-body morph-suits - excellent for chucking yourselves around in an inflatable, and then (do you dare?) for taking out on the town!

Rodeo Bull and Zorbing

If you want to add another element to your wedding's evening celebrations, or need to provide adrenaline-filled, heart-pumping activities for your Hen or Stag entertainment, then you should consider hiring out one of Biff-n-Bash's Rodeo Bulls.

Stand back in awe (or swoon in despair) as your groom clings desperately to this top-of-the-range bucking bronco. Unlike many other Rodeo Bulls in the area, Biff-n-Bash provide the latest model! As the precise type of steed is customisable, they can offer a number of different mounts, such as the comical Rodeo Sheep, Rodeo Reindeer, Rodeo Surfboard and Rodeo Football and Rugby Ball.

As with all of Biff-n-Bash's equipment, delivery, set-up and packdown are all included.


Biff-n-Bash are proud to present some of the very latest in zorbing technology! These huge, inflatable spheres are capable of accommodating two people inside, and can readily be deployed in a variety of locations, such as car parks, fields and hills!

Biff-n-Bash can supply the zorbs on their own, or with their own inflatable zorb slide.


Check out these human-sized zorb body-suits! Covering the top half of your body, the potential for absolute hilarity here is unparalleled. How about organising a game of 5-a-side football or British Bulldog in Biff-n-Bash's collection of ten zorb body-suits?

Read on, click the 'Make An Enquiry' button above or reveal and dial the telephone number in order to discuss a few entertainment ideas with the Biff-n-Bash team.

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