Wedding Suppliers A W Jones Carriages
Wedding Suppliers A W Jones Carriages
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A W Jones Carriages

AW Jones Carriages

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AW Jones Carriages

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  • Exquisite vintage landau carriages
  • Traditional country wedding transport
  • Matching pairs of carriage-horses
  • Stunning Welsh Cobs or beautiful Grays
  • Manes ribboned to match colour scheme
  • Coachman and groom in traditional livery
  • Bottle of sparkling wine for newlyweds
  • TWS Special: weekday wedding offer

After a busy morning of organising hair, make-up, bridesmaids and dresses, there's nothing better than a calm, relaxing carriage ride to your wedding ceremony or reception. You will feel like royalty as you sit in A W Jones's flawless landau, pulled by a superb matching pair of magnificent Welsh Cobs or a couple of gorgeous Grays, adorned with ribbon that will match your colour scheme.

Based in the cosy village of Littleton, Winchester, A W Jones Carriages pride themselves on their customer service, and so will do everything they can to ensure that travel to your venue goes smoothly. Rain or shine, you will journey in complete comfort, as the carriages can be driven 'open top' or with the hood closed. So, if you're planning a wedding with tradition, this is the way to travel.


As we all know, weddings are all about joining two families together, and so what better way to travel to your celebration than by a horse and carriage driven by a family-run company. Coachmen Tony and Jeff Jones use their 20 years of experience to ensure you arrive at your wedding on time and in style! Whether it be holding your train as you enter and leave the carriage, or sneaking in blankets and hot water bottles on colder days, these two know exactly what you will require to enjoy the best journey possible.

The Carriages

1890 Original Landau Carriage

This stunning black and emerald green carriage is maintained and polished to perfection in order to ensure it'll be in immaculate condition for your wedding day. It is pulled by a matching pair of beautiful Welsh Cobs, with magnificent chestnut coats and white socks. These horses are known for their strength, hardiness and agility, so are a wonderfully reliable breed for your celebrations.

Carriage Seating Capacity - 4 Passengers

Glass Enclosed Landau Carriage

A W Jones acquired the Glass Enclosed Landau carriage in 2012 and have worked hard to maintain it in spotless condition. The elegance and sophistication of this shining jet black carriage is enhanced by the two gorgeous Grays that pull it. Their beautiful white coats and added feather plume creates a striking, regal poise that will have heads turning as you travel to your ceremony.

Carriage Seating Capacity - 4 Passengers

Whether you're lucky enough to have bright sunshine on your big day, or if things are looking a little rainy or changeable, you will still arrive at your venue in comfort and in style, as both carriages can be ridden either 'open top' or with their hoods fully closed.

Additionally, either pair of beautiful horses will have their manes plaited with ribbons to match the colour scheme of your big day.

The Service

The A W Jones team use their twenty years of experience to ensure that every couple has a memorable and enjoyable journey. From little touches such as helping the bride into the carriage and holding her train, to providing hot water bottles and blankets for couples marrying in colder weather. These small things really are the difference between an okay journey and a brilliant one.

This friendly company wants to make sure that every couple gets the most out of their booking. If less than a mile away from your ceremony venue, the Jones team will also convey up to four bridesmaids and/or your parents in a separate journey. The married couple will also be taken to their reception by horse and carriage. However, if your ceremony and reception will take place in the same venue, you will be treated to a circular journey after your ceremony, during which you can enjoy a little peace with your new partner. During this second excursion, A W Jones will also present you with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate.

Special Offer: For weekday wedding celebrations in or around Winchester, a discount is available. Mention The Wedding Secret!

If you would like to travel to your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage, please get in touch via the contact details below.

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