Weddings in Bristol 2013 - The Wedding Secret

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Created by The Wedding Secret
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Weddings in Bristol 2013 - The Wedding Secret


Following the success of the English Wedding Infographic we released earlier this year, here at The Wedding Secret we've been working through statistics from our local areas, next up - Bristol!

A cultural, vibrant city, Bristol is filled with grand, historic buildings, and from museums and restaurants to grand stately homes, there's no shortage of exceptional wedding venues!

Weddings in Bristol

(Data has been gathered from the office of national statistics)

In the last statistical year, there were 1,537 marriages in Bristol.

10 Years of Weddings in Bristol

On average, there are 4.3 marriages per 1000 people in England, in Bristol, this figure is just 3.6.

Wedding Popularity in Bristol

With 17% less weddings than the average local authority, Bristol is the 79th most popular place to marry in England. Here at The Wedding Secret, we can only conclude that couples are opting to marry out in Bristol's stunning surrounding countryside, rather than in the city itself. However the graph does show that in recent years, weddings in Bristol are on the up!

Wedding Ceremonies in Bristol

Bristol has 9% more civil ceremonies than the average local authority, perhaps suggesting that couples in this area are less religious, or a reflection of the increased number of civil ceremony venues in the area.

Bristol Marriage Trends Marriage Demographics in Bristol

Bristol's large single population (12.4% higher than the English average) can be explained by its two universities, and the fact that statistically, Bristol has a lower average age group than other cities. This also could explain why Bristol has on average 10.3% less married couples living in the area.

Population Density of Bristol

As demonstrated in the chart above, Bristol is a very densely populated city, which is possibly why couples are choosing to travel out into the nearby countryside to tie the knot!

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