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Looking For Wedding Planning Assistance?

Today we’re shining the spotlight on an innovative wedding company based in Nottingham. After a previous career as a solicitor, Valerie Mattinson received advanced training with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, shortly after which she set up Benessamy Events. This professional wedding consultant specialises in the organisation of complex events (as weddings often are!), turning them into an easy, relaxed and enjoyable experience.

“Innovative, succinct, organised and just downright sensible wedding planning services.”


A Comprehensive Range Of Services

Benessamy Events demonstrate a proficient take on organising weddings, encompassing a number of services that cater to many aspects of the planning process, from months to weeks in advance all the way up to – and including – the wedding day itself.

If the concept of planning your entire wedding is altogether too much for you to contemplate, then getting involved with Benessamy’s ‘Full Wedding Planning’ package could be just the thing for you. This includes and takes into consideration every aspect of planning a wedding, from setting the budget to finding the right venue, sourcing reliable wedding suppliers and supervising RSVP and guest management.

Rescue Service

Finding time to plan your wedding can be a real challenge, particularly for couples with a hectic and complex lifestyle. Many prospective brides and grooms have found themselves enthusiastically launching into the planning process, brimming over with novel ideas and brilliant concepts. But the amount of sheer effort involved in organising every aspect of this extremely important day can quickly mount up, and is all too often vastly underestimated.

This is why many couples have found themselves wading waist-deep in wedding jetsam, and the unfortunate consequence of this is that certain aspects of the wedding day that the bride and groom were originally hoping and intending to carry out get left by the wayside.

This is where companies such as Benessamy can step in to save the day! Valerie offers an innovative dispensation called the ‘Wedding Rescue Service’ (otherwise known as ‘partial wedding planning’). Even if you have already planned the majority of your wedding, just making it over the finishing line may be a monumental task. Get in touch with Benessamy and they can take the weight off your shoulders.

Wedding Day Management

Brides, grooms, bridesmaids and best men are put under a great amount of stress on a typical wedding day. Quite simply, this should not be a job that the very people the day is dedicated to should have to endure. “Where’s the videographer? Why isn’t the cake in the right place? Which shots should I get the photographer to do now?” – these are all questions that your on-day wedding planner could be dealing with. Valerie and Benessamy Events offer a service that can remove this burden. Meeting with you and your partner two or three weeks before the wedding date, she can clearly discern your needs, then go away and forge a realistic wedding-day schedule with your venue management and suppliers. When the actual day arrives, Valerie will be present (unobtrusively of course) for all the key moments of your wedding celebrations.

This is frankly one of the most valuable and influential services that any wedding supplier can offer.

A Very Fair Business Practice

Besides Benessamy Events’ excellent and meticulous service, Valerie endeavours to maintain a range of fair business practices. These include responding to client questions very promptly, and not accepting commissions from any specific suppliers, as her professional obligation is to genuinely recommend people in an unbiased manner.

With a wide range of services available and a meticulous, attentive approach to event management, if you are looking to ease the pressure of organising your big day, then take a peek at the Benessamy Events website. These Nottingham wedding planners are based in the heart of the Midlands, but are ready and more than willing to plan further afield.

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